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30 Benefits of Managed Services To Supercharge Your Business5 Min Well Spent

Technology is a big part of every business, and handling your business’s IT is not to be taken lightly. If you are currently looking into bringing on a Managed Service Provider (MSP), then look no further.

We generally think hiring an MSP is a good idea, and here are 30 benefits of managed services that we think will be good for your business:

  1. We do our thing, you do yours. Never spend another minute worrying about troubleshooting technology. When working with an MSP, they will worry about hiring specialists for the various technology needs you may encounter as your business grows.
  2. An MSP gives your business its own full-time IT department, typically for a fraction of the cost of hiring a single person in-house.
  3. An MSP gives you predictable, monthly pricing. Instead of paying a consultant for patchwork fixes, an MSP will work on a fixed maintenance cost. Best of all, you eliminate the incentive for continuing outages because your consultant only makes money when you have them.
  4. MSPs see something bigger in your business. Most MSPs will develop a plan on how your IT can best serve you and your goals and will share those plans with you during your account review. Having a virtual CIO will keep you on track to hit every benchmark along the way.
  5. Once you reduce costs by hiring an MSP, we’ll help you reduce more costs, like by determining how to best leverage the cloud while keeping your budget in mind.
  6. When it’s time to move the cloud, we’ll work with you to optimize your storage and migrate to the cloud in no time.
  7. Procurement won’t be on your plate. Your MSP should develop strong relationships with vendors, while also finding you the best prices.
  8. If you already have an IT team in place, consider reducing the burden of their day-to-day tasks like help desk support, troubleshooting, and software upgrades.
  9. Depending on your plan, you get 24-hour support, year-round, so there is no need to pay for extra hours.
  10. Technicians can make fixes remotely, eliminating service fees and in-person visits that will cost you hourly.
  11. If your IT team needs additional expertise, an MSP can help with more complex projects like infrastructure upgrades or Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  12. If you don’t already have an IT team on standby, MSPs give you quick access to IT professionals as soon as you need them. Augmenting staff can be a burden on your HR team.
  13. Not only do we take IT off your plate, we make it proactive. Instead of reacting to a problem when it occurs, we stop many of them before they happen.
  14. Fewer problems mean fewer outages, and fewer outages mean a stable bottom-line. Technology troubles can slow or even halt productivity, and while the exact costs of downtime can be hard to calculate, business disruption, lost revenue, reputation impact, and productivity loss should be top of mind when estimating your outage cost per hour.
  15. Heightened cybersecurity means all your company’s data will be fully protected. Any MSP still in business this millennium should have both a baseline and advanced cybersecurity offering for your organization.
  16. Not only do you want your data to be protected from cybercrime, but you will also want it to be backed up too. Your MSP should be offering a disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution, that can be custom-tailored to your environment and budget.
  17. Independent of whether you pay for backups, you’ll want a disaster recovery plan, guaranteeing that you know what to do when things go down. A common assumption is that because your data is in the cloud, that it’ll always be available. So, what do you do if you didn’t back up your cloud, and it happened to be down? This is where the disaster recovery plan comes into play.
  18. We keep your customers’ and clients’ information protected, keeping you fully compliant with HIPAA, PCI, and any other local or national regulations. We can also help you pass audits and respond to information requests that require input from IT.
  19. The average employee loses 22 minutes of productivity per day dealing with tech issues. We make sure employees are satisfied. Most big companies have an IT department for their staff to count on, shouldn’t yours?
  20. Your MSP brings competitive insight by managing thousands of users. They’ll know exactly which products work, which ones are vaporware, and which ones you can leverage into cutting-edge business capabilities.
  21. An MSP will keep up with the most current updates to your software, antivirus, and more, through comprehensive patch management. They can help you avoid the pitfalls of installing a bad patch by doing the research and testing ahead of time.
  22. Software patching is necessary, but your hardware will need an update too. We’ll catch warning signs of dying hardware early and cycle it out for something new.
  23. During your account reviews, we will also help you plan ahead for those hardware replacements before they become urgent.
  24. Through proper network design, an MSP can guarantee that your remote employees will be fully connected and integrated into your network without compromising security.
  25. Whether a remote employee or road warrior, anyone connecting to your network from mobile devices can connect securely.
  26. An MSP will help you grow, and when you do, you’ll already have experts on scaling your technology to meet changes in headcount. When a new employee starts, you want their technology stack to be ready to go before they arrive.
  27. Growth probably means growing into a new workspace. Don’t worry, MSPs are also experts at office relocation and work from home solutions.
  28. We know your industry. So, if one of your competitors is leveraging technology in a way that you aren’t, your MSP will put you on a level playing field.
  29. Does your staff need to remember a dozen or more different passwords? An MSP can help implement single sign-on solutions to tie all of your technologies together safely and efficiently.
  30. Less stress, less to worry about. Isn’t that what everyone wants, anyway?

There are plenty more benefits of managed services. Make sure to check out what other services are provided by IT Support Guys. If you are ready to take the next step toward tech nirvana, give us a call today at 855-4IT-GUYS.