Utilizing A.I. For Better Network Management2 Min Well Spent

There’s a lot that can be said about artificial intelligence, and most of it isn’t very good. As more jobs and processes are becoming automated, the fear of job displacement is growing. It’s a natural fear to have. However, A.I. offers many benefits that could make those jobs more efficient while providing more opportunities to those who work along with A.I.

Understanding A.I.

To get a better grasp on artificial intelligence, we need to separate actual A.I. from how it’s represented in pop culture. We hate to break the news, but current artificial intelligence isn’t as advanced as it is in movies, television or books.

Does that mean it never will be? Of course not, but there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done. Artificial intelligence, as we know it, is the practice of creating systems that can successfully complete tasks and processes that generally require human interaction.

A.I. is put into real-world practice to do routine or repetitive tasks to free up humans for more intensive projects. In the future, A.I. will advance enough to start taking over those processes as well.

A.I. is possible because of the concept called machine learning. Machine learning is an automated process of compiling data and basing predictions on this data. As data is added, the predictions shift giving the impression that the artificial intelligence is learning.

Leveraging Machine Learning
Businesses are reliant on its network to function. As artificial intelligence advances, there are a variety of ways that it can help ensure an organization’s network is working smoothly. They include:

  • A.I. systems can analyze collected data much faster than humans can.
  • User performance issues can be identified on both an individual level, and a systemic one.
  • Interpersonal stress and operational hang-ups due to network issues can be avoided through proactive, preventative activities.
  • The origins of issues are identified, thereby avoiding interpersonal finger pointing, and the strife it creates among staff.

More and more pieces of technology need a network connection to function. A.I. will be needed for network management, especially those with heavy traffic. With the Internet of Things, advancements in search engines, and emerging technologies like self-driving cars, there are seemingly endless uses of artificial intelligence for business and personal functions.

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