Have You Implemented Email Encryption?2 Min Well Spent

Keeping your business emails safe is a priority for network security. Leaving your email open can make it available to anyone who’s connected to the same network as you. This goes for any Internet connection, public or private. Anywhere data can be transmitted is a way for your information to fall into the wrong hands. Email encryption is the best way to keep your organization’s communications secure. When it comes to network security, this is a step you absolutely want to include.

Why Does Email Encryption Matter?

Email encryption matters for information security and privacy. You want to ensure your employees can communicate with each other without fear of the information becoming part of a data breach or leak. Depending on your email provider, you may or may not have encryption offered by default. This shouldn’t stop you from allowing your data to be intercepted and stolen. Not only would you be putting your business’ data at risk, but you’ll also be putting the entire business in jeopardy because of data privacy regulations.

So, why is it important? Encryption keeps your company and employees safe while communicating and sharing information. It prevents hackers, who will stop at nothing to gain access to your information, from having data made available to them. You’ll want to make sure your business has these security measures in place to minimize the chance of data becoming freely available to anyone.

How Does Email Encryption Work?

To better understand how encryption works, we will use a locked box analogy. Imagine that all your company emails were contained inside of a box. This box can only be unlocked with a special key. The only people with the key are those who you want to see what’s inside. When they receive the box, it will be unlocked by the key. Meaning that if the box were to every be intercepted, it can’t be opened.
Encryption only works if you apply it to your entire network. Only securing the communications or parts of your network with sensitive information makes your entire network a larger target. If you decide to implement an encryption policy, and you should, you’ll want to implement it in more areas than just your email system.

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