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The Internet of Things is everywhere, and people aren’t sure if they can trust it. A recent survey done by Cisco shares some insight on how people feel about these connected devices and just how unaware they are of the extent of the Internet of Things. The results could be informative to your business and the way in which you manage. Let’s dig into the numbers and see what people have to say.

Internet of Things Survey

Cisco collected opinions from over 3,000 North American adults who have some knowledge of Internet of Things devices. The results provide information on how businesses and consumers respond to connected devices. While the use of Internet connected devices has increased, many consumers aren’t aware how far reaching they can be.

Non-Traditional Internet of Things

Most users are aware of the more familiar Internet of Things devices, such as home voice assistants and media players. It was the more unusual devices, like security systems, light bulbs, and car navigation systems, which surprised people. Knowledge of what is or isn’t part of the Internet of Things doesn’t change how people feel about them, provided they are knowingly using them. Of those surveyed, 53% of users say that the connected devices have made their way of life more comfortable. And 47% have found they were more efficient using Internet connected devices. Nearly a third of users said the devices made them feel more secure.

The Internet of Things and Privacy

With many devices being connected to the Internet, it’s no surprise that privacy and safety is a significant concern. In fact, only 9% of users felt their data was more secure or private thanks to Internet connected devices. Transparency is a concern as well with 14% worried that companies aren’t being transparent about the use of their data and information. Security is on the mind of everyone who uses a connected device, even if it helps them.

Your Business and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is going to continue to grow, and you need to account for these devices around your office. With new devices on your company network, you need to make sure you are always aware of them. Implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy can help you keep track of devices and ensure your business has a plan for personal devices in the workplace.

Don’t be the last one on the Internet of Things. IT Support Guys can help your business manage all the devices that are put on your company’s network to keep it safe and secure. To learn more, give us a call at 855-4IT-GUYS (855-448-4897).

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