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When it comes to your organization’s VoIP phone system, you might be stuck working with a large telecommunications company. The kind of company that sees you as just another account. Not really understanding the nuances of how your phones work within your company.

With phones being so crucial to operating a business, you need to work with a team that can manage it better. It just so happens that that team also manages your entire business network. That’s why you’re best served to have an IT service provider also manage your VoIP phone system.

When you’re talking with someone on the phone, there are two things you want out of the call. You want it to sound good, and you don’t want it to drop. An IT service provider can make sure both of those things happen.

Manage Settings for the Best Audio Quality

An IT service provider knows the ins and outs of your business’ network. After all, they manage it day in, day out. So, why not let them install your VoIP phone system too?
Letting an IT service provider manage your phones allows them to customize it to your organization’s network specifications. This includes the proper server, configurations, network switches, ISP, and other specific requirements for your business. Since they know your network so well, an IT service provider will ensure your VoIP phone system has the best audio quality possible.

Monitor Systems for Increased Reliability

It may not be fun but think about all the times you’ve had a critical phone call drop unexpectedly. You’re just about to close a deal, then silence. Happens more than you think.

This is yet another problem that can be solved by an IT service provider.
You expect your phone system to be reliable and available. With a remote monitoring system, an IT service provider performs round-the-clock checks of your network to ensure everything is running smoothly. Adding the VoIP phone system into their monitoring routine provides a more reliable phone system and immediate resolutions if a problem ever occurs.

Eliminate Your VoIP Worries

Having multiple companies responsible for different components of your phone system makes support stressful. Imagine, your phones go out, so you call your phone service provider. After being stuck on hold and transferred multiple times, you learn it’s not the service, but the phone itself. Now you have to call another help desk to figure out a solution.

If you’re working with an IT service provider for your technology needs now, you understand the benefit and convenience of having all your IT solutions under one roof. It’s time you add your business phone to that list.

When you have an IT service provider manage your phones, you’ll have one number to call for all your phone support. Whether it’s an issue with the network or ISP, an IT service provider will find the solution to get your phones back online.

VoIP From IT Support Guys

A VoIP phone system is an investment that every small business needs to make. As your business grows, you need a phone system that is dependable and scalable. You can’t risk working with an outdated system.

Upgrading your company’s phones is even easier when you work with IT Support Guys. Our clients that have made the switch have seen a seen a night and day difference between their old PBX systems and their new VoIP phones. Not just in quality and reliability, but in cost savings as well.
Are you ready to make the switch?

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