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It’s easy to overlook just ubiquitous the Internet is in our lives, both personal and professional. So much gets done on the Internet today, that it seems the world would come to a standstill without it. Just because the Internet is so important for business, it doesn’t mean that it’s free of threats or harm to your network. With the news of phishing attacks and ransomware coming through emails, it’s easy to forget that browsing the Internet can be just as dangerous. Threats hide in not only the dark areas of the web but hackers can take advantage of vulnerabilities in the most popular sites on the Internet. If you’re not careful, you could click right into one of the trouble areas and not even know it. Secure web browsing and overall online security practices are imperative to keep your business’ network and data safe. Let’s go over some ways to keep your employees safe online.

Sacrificing Online Security for the Sake of Convenience

Many threats online can easily be avoided by merely implementing pro-security habits and practices. Still, it’s easier to get into a pattern of bad habits than good ones. We all know how that is. Educating your staff on the best practices of secure web browsing early on will ensure that good habits are practiced from the beginning.

Passwords Practices for Secure Web Browsing

Multiple Passwords

One security practice that needs to be explained early, and often, is the use of passwords. To many people, the idea of having multiple passwords appears to be counterintuitive. But having the same password for multiple accounts is a huge security issue, online or not. A criminal can get a hold of that one password and have access to every account you use it on. So, it makes sense that the best password practice is to have a unique password for each account, making sure that they include a random string of letters, numbers, and symbols. At least with multiple passwords, the damage is minimized if a password falls into the wrong hands when it only works on one account.

Password Safety and Management

It’s understandable that it might be difficult remembering multiple passwords and which accounts they work with. But you should never write them down on a piece of paper or put them in a word document on your computer. It’s irresponsible and negates the principle of having multiple passwords in the first place. You have no idea where the note or document could end up. A practical and safe tool is a password management system. It works like an online vault to securely store your passwords by protecting them with a master password. This eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords. Please, don’t write this password down on a piece of paper either.
Password management systems aren’t just for protecting your online accounts. Your business can take advantage of the tools to protect your network components as well.

It would be devastating to your company if a hacker were to access your router and have the rest of your infrastructure at their fingertips. If a router isn’t correctly installed, businesses might not take the next step and change the initial password it came with. This would allow a hacker to infiltrate your network easily. The same complex password tips you use for online accounts can be used for any device. Further online security can be achieved by changing passwords on a regular basis.

Additional Strategies for Online Security

A simple way to improve your online security is to keep your tools and programs up-to-date, including your web browser. Hackers will take advantage of any vulnerability that can find in a program and developers are constantly updating and releasing patches to resolve the issues. When a new version of your web browser, or any other program, is released, be sure to implement the update when it comes out. This will ensure you’re using the safest version of the software and not putting your business’s infrastructure at risk. Don’t let these common roadblocks stop you from proper software patching.

No matter how hard you try, you can always improve your network and online security. IT Support Guys can help keep your network safe from all kinds of threats, no matter the source. Click here to learn more about our network security services or call 855-4IT-GUYS (855-448-4897) to speak with a specialist today.

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