Troubleshooting a Patchy Internet Connection2 Min Well Spent

While it may seem a bit hyperbolic to say, without the Internet, businesses would not be able to operate. Yes, work could still get done, but extended periods of slow Internet would put operations at a standstill. There is only so much work your employees would be able to do without being able to email or pull files from the network. So, what can you do if you experience a less-than-perfect Internet connection? Let’s take a look.

Check for Router Problems

With more and more mobile devices being used at work, your office is probably equipped with a wireless Internet connection. If you are experiencing issues with the Internet, you might be having problems with the wireless router. As technology advances you’ll want to keep up with updated equipment, your router is no different. A new router will allow you to take advantage of the most advanced Internet standards available to you and your employees. The best way to ensure your employees have the best Internet connection is to upgrade your routers periodically.

If you already have the latest router, you may need to determine the right location. Walls and other obstructions can weaken the signal from the router. Another problem could be the range of the signal. A lot of businesses try to cover their whole with one router. This could leave spots without coverage or weak signals. Well placed routers will cover the entire office space and provide a better Internet connection.

Interference from Appliances and Devices

Believe it or not, but the microwave and other appliances you have in your break room or office space can interfere with your wireless router. Older routers operate a the 2.4GHz frequency, as well as microwaves and other appliances. With so many devices operating at the same frequency, your Internet connection will suffer. Newer routers can run on multiple frequencies, allowing your connection to be transmitted with less interference.

Outdated Services from Your Internet Service Provider

If you’re still having issues with your Internet connection after upgrading your router and reducing the amount of interference, the problem might be with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The Internet you had when you started might not be enough for you now. If your business has been growing, the amount of bandwidth isn’t enough to meet your business needs. You’ll want to give your ISP a call and see about upgrading your plan to help with Internet connection issues.

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