Remote Monitoring and Management Keeps Your Business Running3 Min Well Spent

When it comes to IT support, there are two options for a business; hire an internal staff or work with an outsourced IT support vendor. Which option your business chooses comes down to how your organization is set up and your budget. For many small businesses, it’s difficult to have a dedicated IT staff due to budgetary constraints. You shouldn’t have to worry about IT issues on top of everything else in your business. That’s why remote monitoring and management from an outsourced IT service provider gives you peace of mind and assurance your business technology is well taken care of.

Having an internal IT department will allow for issues to be resolved in a particular way. That’s if you can afford one. Many small businesses don’t have the budget or capital to invest in a dedicated IT staff. This is where an outsourced IT service provider can manage your IT needs. With the IT service provider, you’ll have the reassurance with remote monitoring and management of your technological infrastructure. (After you’ve finished here, be sure to check out our previous posts about the benefits of working with a managed IT service provider and why remote monitoring is a good choice.)

Invest in Monitoring and Management

Consider short-term vs. long-term spending. Short-term spending means you get instant gratification. You needed something, you purchased it, and you are satisfied. Long-term spending is intended for future investment. You don’t expect to see results right away but will get them down the road. When looking at IT support and service costs, you need to think of them as long-term investments. By investing in monitoring and management procedures now, you’ll minimize potential damage in the future. This leads to reduced costs associated with those damages.

Remote Monitoring and Management With A MSP

With a managed IT service provider, monitoring and management of your infrastructure can be done without an on-site visit. Remote monitoring and management, or RMM, allows the managed service provider to keep an eye on your network to ensure all things are working properly. They can also see any security weaknesses and deploy fixes to make sure the flaws will not be taken advantage of by hackers or cybercriminals. RMM isn’t just limited to your overall network. Service providers can monitor and manage individual workstations, servers, and mobile devices to provide complete security for your business.
Remote monitoring and management happen behind the scenes. This means your staff isn’t required to do any actual hands-on IT work. In a way, it’s almost like an automated service. The IT service provider handles anything that’s needed to help your business run smoothly from an IT perspective. You won’t even know when it’s being done. For added reassurance, the service provider may send reports on how the network is working and any significant fixes that need to be done. You’ll want to see what the provider is doing and holds them accountable.
Unfortunately, not every issue can be resolved remotely, but with proactive monitoring and management, on-site visits can be kept to a minimum. To find out how IT Support Guys’ remote monitoring and management solutions can benefit your business, call and speak with a specialist today at 855-4IT-GUYS (855-448-4897).

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