Security Should Come In Two Parts4 Min Well Spent

There are two areas that you need to remember to keep your business secure. First is digital security. With more and more business moving to digital, you need to secure your company’s data and have proper measures in place to protect it. Second is physical security. This is an area that shouldn’t be forgotten. Just because most of your work is done digitally doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect it physically.

In today’s blog, we’ll review some of the considerations you need to make to keep your physical security up to par.

Access Control

The first step to take in physical security is to have control of who can gain access to your physical location. Once you determine that, you must go further and control wherein the office, they can go. You can control access by requiring an identifier to enter the building or area within. This can be as simple as a keycard or pin id, or as sophisticated as biometric data, like a thumbprint. Access control allows you to keep unauthorized individuals out of your office, and monitor your employees from within.

Identification – This is the key to access control solutions, as it establishes who you are and thereby what you are permitted to access by requiring some form of identification to enter certain areas. Often, security setups will require multiple forms of identification in order to authenticate your identity. This approach is known as 2FA, or 2-Factor Authentication. You’ve most likely seen this before–for example, if you’ve ever needed to enter a PIN number after providing a password.

Security and Monitoring

Are you capable of knowing where everyone is within your building? This included visitors, clients, and even your employees. When visitors do come, do you make a note of where they should be while they are there? Your physical security needs to include a way to keep watch over your business. Security cameras are the obvious choice, but the access controls mentioned above play a role here as well.

Means of Communication

To keep your business secure, you need to have open and reliable communication among your employees. This is the only way you’ll find out if there is a digital or physical security breach. You need to provide your employees with numerous, reliable means of reaching out to share updates, alerts, and other information.

Document Security

The chances are that if someone took the time and effort to gain access to your business, they intend to use whatever information they gathered for monetary gain. To make sure they have what they need, they’ll need to be able to access your documentation. You’ll need to ensure that all documentation is in a secure area and only accessible to those who are authorized.

Device Management: Of course, modern technology provides more ways to access data than ever before, which means you need to worry about more than just your company’s workstations. Mobile devices that can be used to access your data should be equipped with remote wiping software, including devices you distribute as well as those used under a Bring Your Own Device policy.

Employee Training

It’s critical your employees be involved in the physical security of your business. They are the ones on the front lines, so they need to know what they are supposed to do to help preserve the security of your business. You need to make sure that your workforce is aware of, and follows, best practices that help keep your business safe.

Creating a Security-Minded Culture: One of the more effective ways of prioritizing security is to educate your employees about the realities of potential security risks. Make sure they understand the possible ramifications of a data breach, how potential threats can be spotted, and how to avoid falling victim to them. Each one of your employees can either be a benefit to your security, or can undermine it. Establishing a company-wide drive to be the former may just save you at some point.

How to Improve Your Physical Security

Consider what physical threats exist against your business. While you may have to contend with criminals trying to gain access to your business, threats to your physical security extend far beyond just that. You also need to consider the threat that natural events pose, such as extreme weather and the natural disasters that affect your area.
You need to ensure that your business’ key data and documentation is safe from risks of all kinds. A good way to accomplish this is to utilize a cloud solution to keep a secure copy of your data offsite, safely away from your office and the possibility of a disaster or intruder wiping out everything.
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