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Mobile data is such a valuable resource. The more we use our phones for business and pleasure, the more data we use. The downside to mobile data is cost. Data plans are expensive and going one MB over your allotment can cost you a pretty penny. Luckily, users have options to help limit how much data their apps use. Today, we look at ways to minimize the amount of data you use on your Android phone.

Checking Your Data Usage

Before you can determine how to use less data, you need to first know how much you are currently using. On an Android phone, you can easily see how much data each app is using. To do this, you’ll first open your phone’s System Settings. From there, find the Network and Internet options. Finally, select Mobile Data Usage. In here you’ll find a list of all your apps and their data usage. Along with how much, you’ll see whether the app is using data in the background or during the user’s activity.

Placing Caps on Your Apps

Once you determine what apps are draining your data, you can configure your phone’s settings to put limits on how much data they consume:

  • Limit your updates: Some apps have the bad habit of updating their content without the user knowing or interacting with the app, referred to as background updates. An example being social media apps that regularly refresh its feeds. A few settings adjustments can limit when an app uses data.Your first option is to go into each app’s settings and find the options to reduce the amount of data the app uses in the background. If you can’t find that, go back to the system settings and find the list of all your applications. There you can access the app settings to deactivate background data.
  • Deactivate certain features: Certain apps, like music and video services, go through more data than you’d like. For these apps, you can change the app’s specific settings for things like auto-play or streaming quality.
  • Prepare in advance: The simplest way to reduce the amount of data you use is to connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible. You’ll want to be sure the connection is secure. Many apps allow for offline usage, like Spotify. When you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you can download everything you need for productivity or entertainment.

What are some of the ways you cut down on your mobile data usage? To better manage your business mobile device policy and data, call IT Support Guys today at 855-4IT-GUYS (855-448-4897).

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