A VoIP Phone System Is a Cost-Effective Telephone Solution for Any Business2 Min Well Spent

It’s not surprising to say the cost of running a business is getting higher. Information technology costs are no different. The great thing about technology is that the longer it’s around, the more cost-effective and innovative it becomes. Implementing a VoIP phone system within your organization offers better control over your communication budget.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

We should explain what Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is before we tell you how it will improve your organization’s communication. A VoIP system replaces the traditional office telephone. Instead of relying on a landline, VoIP uses your existing Internet connection. An office-wide VoIP phone system reduces hardware costs, has a more business-friendly fee structure, and offers better mobility for your employees.

Benefits of VoIP?

Hardware Costs

A hosted VoIP solution has all the advantages of a traditional phone system, without all the trouble of landlines. Installing phone lines around an office requires meticulous planning and can be relatively expensive. You want a phone system that grows with your business. By using your business’ Internet connection, adding new users to a VoIP phone system is easy. And you don’t have to run new wires or rearrange your office to do it.
Traditional phone systems require PBX hardware. These systems are expensive to implement, with costs reaching as much as several thousand dollars per user. Even small PBX solutions are a considerable investment. VoIP solutions completely remove the need for the PBX hardware, making the investment a fraction of the cost.

Fee Structures

After the initial investment, the next cost for a traditional phone system is how many minutes are spent while communicating. Most of this cost is accumulated in long-distance calling. As a small business, most of your calls will be local. When you grow bigger, it’s likely your employees will make more long-distance calls, and those minutes will become a significant expense. With a VoIP phone system, long-distance costs are no worry since you will be utilizing your company’s Internet connection.
By eliminating the need for traditional landlines, you’ll be able to invest in your Internet infrastructure. The Internet is practically required to run any business, so make sure you invest in fast and reliable service.


We’ve talked about ways to reduce costs, now let’s go into the best part of a VoIP phone system: mobility. Traditional landline phones can’t move from desk-to-desk without running new wires and rearranging the entire office. With apps in the Android and Apple app stores, VoIP lets employees stay in touch anywhere.
If you are itching to try out a new mobile solution, we recommend considering VoIP. To learn more, reach out to IT Support Guys at (855)448-4897 or check out our VoIP phone system solutions here.