Why You Shouldn't Ask Just Anyone for Tech Advice3 Min Well Spent

Who would you trust more to care for your sick child – a friend Googling symptoms or a licensed healthcare professional?
Unless the friend happens to be a doctor – it’s safe to presume you would rather have a medical professional look after your loved one.
Why then when it comes to dealing with things around the office, most people have almost no problem calling in a subject-matter expert to handle the issue. Air conditioning stopped running? Bring in an HVAC certified professional. Simple, right? Yet, it seems that there’s one notable exception: technology issues.

Basically, there seems to be an assumption that, if someone uses a particular piece of technology or can find an answer to a common problem on Google, they are inherently an expert. Therefore, they can be trusted for advice that would otherwise come from your in-house IT or managed IT service provider.
This kind of thinking is fundamentally flawed since human error is the greatest cause of business security breaches with more than 40% of reported security breaches are caused by employee negligence.
Technology is crucial to any business today. In order to sustain operations, a business needs its technology to work. Otherwise, it just isn’t going to be as efficient, productive, or ultimately, as successful as it would be with the proper tools available.
Let’s say that you hired someone to hang shelves around your office – the tools they bring to the job are going to matter. An electric screwdriver will get the job done much faster than a manual one will.

Why You Need an IT Professional

Your business is the same, in that you may be able to make due with subpar technology, but only by sacrificing the productivity and cost-saving benefits that technology solutions would provide like fully managed IT help desk support. Depending on how your business operates, you may even find yourself unable to live up to some of your responsibilities without the right tech at your disposal – like if the person hanging your shelves had brought a box of nails with them, instead of screws.
Obviously, if this were someone you had hired, you would find it unacceptable. Yet so many people don’t think twice about just Googling the answer to their IT issues and taking whatever they find as gospel, or again, seeking out advice from someone who may only be marginally more familiar with a given solution. As a result, they risk collecting misinformation, further hurting their productivity, risking their security and doing little to improve their circumstances.

Hire A Local Managed IT Expert

At IT Support Guys, we’ve heard a few horror stories.
This only makes it more important that you and your team have a trustworthy resource to turn to for your IT support needs. IT Support Guys can be that resource for you. With an agreement with us, you can get down to business… confident that your solutions will be operational and optimized. If there is an issue, we’ll step in and resolve it.
In order to minimize your in-office distractions, we do as much as we can remotely. This includes providing support to your employees as needed, ensuring that they always have a trustworthy resource to turn to before they resort to Google.
Investing in the right technology and managed IT solutions partner is key to the success of your business. We offer cost-effective unlimited IT service and help desk support plans so you don’t have to deal with technology headaches while saving hard-earned dollars. IT Support Guys continues to provide outsourced IT for small to mid-sized businesses since 2006. Call and speak with one our certified IT experts today at (855) 448-4897.

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