Los Angeles Computer Network Repair Services

A Los Angeles Computer Network Repair professional diagnosing an issue.

Efficiency and Stability for Your Digital World

Your network is the backbone of your business, and it needs to be taken care of accordingly. It is important to have your wireless network installed properly by an expert, and its upkeep should be no different. 

Small network issues can immediately impact customer-facing processes, and what might seem like a quick fix can impact your business’s reputation even more quickly. If the fix isn’t quick, then expect costly downtime, as well. 

Once your network is stabilized, it requires ongoing supervision. Scheduled maintenance and updates are the only ways to mitigate the problems that cause downtime before they happen, especially those caused by cyber attacks.  

IT Support Guys guarantees 99.99% of uptime on your network, year-round. Our technicians utilize 24/7 monitoring services to make sure that your uptime is maximized, as well as your profits. 

Internet Service Providers in Los Angeles

If you have options when choosing your internet service provider (ISP), it is important to take advantage. While making the right choice can be time-consuming, there is much to consider when making it. 

How much bandwidth speed (both download and upload) do you need? How many static IP addresses do you need? What services do you need? What pricing can you afford? Most of all, what is each provider’s overall quality? 

If all of your hardware is up to date, your ISP may be suffering an outage. Such issues are normally made public on your ISP’s local website, or you can call and ask. 

Take a look at some of your options in Los Angeles, and take time to make a well-informed decision: 

Los Angeles Disaster Recovery professional diagnosing an IT issue from his laptop.

Experiencing a Power Outage in Los Angeles?

If your power flickers or fails, there is a good chance you will lose all your unsaved data. Without electricity, production stops.

Electrical flickers that cause a temporary loss of power can take down your IT infrastructure including desktops, servers, internet access points, and place unnecessary strain on your technology that can lead to system failure or reduce the lifespan of your devices.

If your LA-area business has lost power, contact Southern California Edison below to check for outages and more information.

Southern California Edison

Report an Outage:

Los Angeles Edison Support:

Edison Voltage Issues:

To mitigate the potential damage of power outages, consider purchasing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This critical device provides emergency power during temporary power outages and if necessary, will allow you to shut down your hardware properly if the outage will last longer than the battery supply. 

Public Libraries in Los Angeles

If you are on a deadline, and your internet goes down, not all is lost. Luckily, your local libraries still offer free WiFi. The Los Angeles County Library has 85 locations, all of which offer free WiFi during normal business hours.

While you’re there, perhaps pick up a book on how to build a network.

Internet Speed Tests

Do you actually know what your network is capable of? 

Some people know the download speed that is provided by their ISPs, but very few know their upload speeds. This can wind up costing you in the long run, as upload speeds can affect how quickly you restore your data from a cloud backup. 

Luckily there are resources online that report these numbers back to you. Head over to Speedtest.net to see what your download and upload speeds are currently. 

Next time your internet seems like it is dragging, check your current speeds, and take the next steps accordingly.