Los Angeles Disaster Recovery Services

Be Prepared.

Catastrophic events are not a matter of if, but when.

When the time comes that your business is in danger due to a natural disaster, a data breach, server failure, or any other scenario, you must be ready. Preparation is key to staying on your feet after a disaster, making sure you can your company can survive.

Data backup, storage, design, testing, monitoring, restoration assistance, failover, and reporting are all pieces to the disaster recovery puzzle. IT Support Guys is here to solve it by helping you structure your plan. When you need it most, we’ll also help you execute your plan, and salvage all your crucial data.

American Red Cross of Los Angeles

1450 S. Central Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90021

(310) 445-9908

Natural Disaster Preparedness in Los Angeles

The climate in California has shifted, with wildfires becoming a ‘season’ instead of an occasional occurrence. In addition to occasional earthquakes, natural disasters in the area are common.

Like with your IT, being prepared in the case of an emergency is of the utmost importance, as a business, and personally. If you, an employee, or a fellow citizen is displaced by a natural disaster, there are resources available.

The American Red Cross provides a mass shelter in the Los Angeles area, offering disaster preparedness education, donation coordination, mass feeding services and more.

National Weather Service in Los Angeles

Keep track of your area’s local weather advisories, making sure that you and your business see what’s coming before it happens. The National Weather Service localizes their warnings by county, providing California with everything from beach hazards to wind, fire, flood, and storm warnings.

Making a split-second decision due to a weather threat could put your business and its employees in danger. With advanced warnings, you can make the necessary choices that keep everything safe, including your most important operations.

State of Emergency

In the case of a potential disaster, your local government could declare a state of emergency. Local proclamations of emergency are an important step in responding to natural disasters, allowing those who need increased assistance to get it, and sooner. They also allow those who give assistance to go above and beyond local ordinances to provide it.

In Los Angeles County, emergency declarations could be given by the local, state, and national levels. Any announcement would be relied by the Chief Executive Office of Los Angeles County, in the case that you need emergency assistance.

Evacuation Routes

In the case of certain disasters, like wildfires, it may be necessary to evacuate from your area.

Should evacuation be mandated, check on your local government authorities for the best routes out of your area, and into safety.

Los Angeles County provides a live emergency map on their website, which indicates where emergencies are taking place, and where to evacuate:

Los Angeles Disaster Recovery professional diagnosing an IT issue from his laptop.

Experiencing a Power Outage in Los Angeles?

Even if your power flickers, there is a chance you could lose your unsaved data. If your power is down long-term, so is your productivity.

Electrical issues that cause a temporary loss of power can take down your IT infrastructure including desktops, servers, internet access points, and place unnecessary strain on your technology that can lead to system failure or reduce the lifespan of your devices.

If your LA-area business has lost power, contact Southern California Edison below to check for outages and more information.

Southern California Edison

Report an Outage:

Los Angeles Edison Support:

Edison Voltage Issues:

To mitigate the potential damage of power outages, consider purchasing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This critical device provides emergency power during temporary power outages and if necessary, will allow you to shut down your hardware properly if the outage will last longer than the battery supply.