Understanding a Data Breach And Your Rights

Over 10 million personal records have been lost or stolen, daily. That’s a lot of information. With numbers this high, there is a change you, or someone you know, has fallen victim to a data breach. Most of the time individuals or businesses are never notified if their information has been compromised. This leads to a false sense of security in thinking your personal information is safe. Don’t be one of the many that make this mistake.

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Cyber Crime and Punishment: Who Is Accountable for Data Loss?

These days you can’t go a week without hearing about governments, companies, and other organizations dealing with major data breaches. It’s so commonplace that sometimes people don’t stop to consider the effect all these data loss events can have. As it pertains to the individual, there is always the chance, if a company gets breached, or loses data from a disaster or a hack, that your anonymity is a casualty. After the media attention fades, there are millions of people that are left exposed and companies, some huge multinational conglomerates, that don’t face any repercussions.

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A Network Audit Is A Good Idea. Here’s Why.

So, your organization has an internal IT department. Great. Now look and see what their focus is on. Do they spend too much time problem-solving employee technical issues, and neglect the infrastructure? Maybe they can innovate and improve the network, but routine maintenance has fallen by the wayside. The time is now to reach out to an IT service provider to perform a network audit.

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Data Security Must Be a Priority for Your Organization

As another data breach hits the news, this time hitting Equifax, it comes as no surprise that data security is on the minds of the county. While it’s optimistic to think your business will never experience a data breach, it’s an unrealistic expectation. It’s this kind of thinking that could leave your network vulnerable to an attack if you don’t prepare.

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5 Reminders To Protect You Against Ransomware

In many ways, the Internet still feels like an untamed wilderness. Threats to your business show up all the time, and this doesn’t even consider the powder keg that is social media. According to Cisco’s Annual Cybersecurity Report, ransomware is growing 350% on a yearly basis. That means that the number of attacks your business could run into is going to increase. Follow these five tips to make sure your company and employees are taking the right measures to staying safe online.

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Business Continuity In 3 Easy Steps

Business continuity is an incredibly vital part of running a company, but some smaller businesses underestimate just how important it is in the event of a disaster. Although FEMA estimates that more businesses are taking advantage of business continuity than ever before, not enough are. Business continuity is something that must be planned for, practiced consistently, and updated as needed. Does your business have a business continuity plan?

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Be Prepared With Hurricane Irma Quickly Approaching

From Hurricane Harvey, to the fires in Oregon, California, and Montana, to the earthquake in Mexico, to the looming threat of category-4 strength Hurricane Irma, recent events have made it only too clear that, in addition to planning to protect human life during a disaster, there must also be safeguards in place to protect the businesses that allow people to make a living. Continue reading

Network Security Needs To Be A Team Effort

Network security is more than just an honest attempt by your staff to protect your organization’s digital assets. It’s making sure that your employees know how to handle dangerous situations, executing preventative IT measures to eliminate potential issues entirely, and having the right technology experts on-hand to handle tough problems that can’t be solved by a few pieces of technology. Continue reading

It’s Silly Not To Ask These Important IT Questions

We are surrounded by technology every day, and with it comes a little knowledge of how it all works. Still, asking an IT question can make people a bit nervous. Someone who might not know as much about technology fears they will be mocked or made fun of for asking a ‘dumb’ question. Have not fear! IT Support Guys will answer some of the more common IT questions that come up.

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Ransomware And How to Avoid It

You may have come across the term ransomware recently in the news, or perhaps you noticed people using the term ransomware more frequently.  So what exactly is ransomware?

Ransomware is software used by hackers to block access and encrypt files on a computer system until a ransom is paid. Individuals, hospitals, schools, government agencies, police departments, and other relatively easy targets were among the first to experience the power of ransomware, but now hackers have their eyes set on much higher stakes. Cybercriminals are now using more sophisticated versions of ransomware to infect the computer systems of major institutions.  For instance, in February 2016 Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles, announced they paid 40 bitcoins ($17,000) for the release of the hospital’s computer system. Once a system has been corrupted, there is little that can be done, and even when the ransom is paid, there is no guarantee the files will be decrypted.  Unfortunately, the devastation of ransomware is expected to grow as this malicious malware sweeps through cyberspace preying on the vulnerable.

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