IT Vendor Management & Procurement Services

A Transparent Approach to IT Vendor Management and Procurement.
Two business professionals review their monthly IT department budget using a calculator, laptop, and tablet.


of companies are managing more than ten vendor relationships.


of IT departments spend more time managing vendor relationships than they did two years ago.

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We Build Strong
Vendor Relationships

Finding trustworthy vendors to grow your business can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. The process of choosing vendors should be exciting – not plagued with risk and uncertainty.

That’s where our IT vendor management and procurement services come in.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we have access to innovative technology products, great discounts, and trustworthy vendors you can partner with. Not only will we help you find the best vendors to conquer your business challenges, our IT vendor management experts will ensure you maintain a strong relationship for the long-term.

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A business technology adviser and client are highly engaged in reviewing a proposed technology roadmap that will help propel their business forward and remain competitive for years to come.

Partners with Pedigree -
We Only Pick the Best

Our job as an IT vendor manager is to only partner with the best of the best. We assure you that all products and partners brought to the table are time-tested, dependable, and offer the highest quality on the market.

Offering vendor management for small businesses gives us the power to connect you with top-tier partners. In today’s age of rapid digital transformation, it pays to connect with the right vendors at the right time – every time.

Our IT Procurement Process

As we begin the hunt for your perfect vendors, we’ll start by reviewing your business challenges, goals, and values under a microscope. Our IT architects will meet with you to discuss your current standing, opportunities, and roadmap to business success.

We closely collaborate with your team to pinpoint the ideal products and partners to bring your company into the future. With our help, you can empower your organization to find the top services it needs and deserves.

An information technology procurement specialist updates a spreadsheet on his desktop while sitting at his desk with boxes contain servers ready to be shipped located in the background.
A middle-aged vendor manager discusses the results of an audit on third-party products and services with a colleague for a managed services client.

IT Vendor Risk Management

When dealing with third-party products and services, it’s essential that you evaluate the potential impacts on your business and its performance. Our seasoned IT procurement service experts conduct thorough risk assessments from top-to-bottom when exploring potential partners to ensure each move is calculated to perfection.

IT Support Guys will ensure that your chosen vendors won’t create any problems for your revenue, reputation, or productivity. We’ll also help advance your security programs to deliver the trust and capabilities your business needs to stay on its feet – regardless of your partnerships.

Stop sifting through thousands of digital partners. Let IT Support Guys find and manage your vendors for you.

Types of Procurement Services We Offer

Technology vendor manager reviews monthly invoices, checking for accuracy using a calculator and approves transactions with partners.

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