Update on the Latest Global Ransomware Cyber Attacks

As you may have already heard, a malicious worm known as WannaCry Ransomware swept through more than 150 countries, infecting over 200,000 vulnerable computer systems. We understand this is a major concern and have taken every precaution to ensure you are safe.

WannaCry Estimated to Have Infected Over 200k Computers World Wide

We take security very seriously and work hard every day to ensure your network keeps up its defenses against these types of cyber attacks. On March 14th Microsoft released a security patch that would protect systems against cyber attacks like WannaCry. Our patch management methods ensure that all clients on an IT support plan are already protected from this variant of the attack.

Is our network 100% protected?

There are no silver bullets in network security so we always suggest additional layers of security in addition to patch management. By adding both gateway and endpoint security to your network, we significantly reduce the likelihood of cyber attacks creating problems for you. If you are currently not on active subscriptions to these services, we will be contacting you with options.

What is WannaCry Ransomware?

WannaCry is a destructive ransomware that searches for and encrypts specific file types. Once the computer has been infected a ransom note is displayed asking the victim to pay a ransom in bitcoins within 7 days or the files will be deleted. The files are held hostage until the ransom is paid. There is no guarantee that the files will be released once the ransom has been paid.

Picture depicting the WannaCry Virus

Who is Impacted?

Individuals can be infected and any unpatched Windows computer is susceptible.  As of May 15th 2017 it is estimated that over 220 thousand computers worldwide have been infected.

Picture Depicting Worldwide Infections on a Map
Global Infection Map


How Can I Stay Protected?

  • Keep your security software up to date.
  • Keep your operating system and other software updated.
  • Be cautious of emails containing links and/or attachments.
  • Be cautious of emails received from unknown senders.
  • Be extremely cautious of Microsoft Office emails advising you to enable macros to view the content.
  • Back up important data and store off line. If you have a backup set in place, all files can be restored.
  • Outsource your network security and management to your favorite IT support company.

If you do not currently have a partner in IT, reach out today and put your network security worries to rest.

Outsourced IT Provides 3 Key Features Over In-House IT

To outsource or to insource, that is the question. In an economy full of technology, every business should consider themselves as a technology business. Small Businesses depend on information technology to compete in today’s competitive digital market. Since businesses rely heavily on information technology for success, more small business owners are turning towards Outsourced IT services to manage their IT functions. For small business owners, the choice between insourcing or outsourcing IT services is a simple one- here’s why.

Reduce Labor Costs

Technology is continuously changing and advancing to meet the demands of a digital economy,
therefore, maintaining a computer network can be challenging for someone with limited tech experience. For an organization to remain current with the latest technology, IT employees must undergo constant training. This can be a huge strain on small business owners who have limited time, money and resources. Hiring an Outsourced IT service alleviates the strain by reducing labor costs. With an Outsource IT provider, owners reap the benefits of a highly-trained, highly knowledgeable IT department without the unmanageable high labor costs.

Focus on Core Competencies

As an organization grows, the IT support must grow as well. If an organization is experiencing rapid growth, a limited in-house IT department may find it difficult to keep up. Hiring more in-house IT personnel to meet the demands utilized time and resources that would have been better spent elsewhere. With an outsourced IT provider, small business owners never have to worry about growing out of their IT support. Business owners are able to focus on growth and core competencies.

Stay on Budget

The time, labor and the overall development of an in-house IT department can cost organization millions of dollars. And unexpected IT services can lead to massive, never-ending expenses that can quickly cripple a small business. With an Outsourced IT services, small business owners can stay on budget and plan for the future. A managed IT partner will determine a fixed monthly fee based on the technology needs of that individual organization. This fixed monthly fee will cover all technology services and requirements. When a business owner pays one fixed monthly rate, they can accurately budget for their IT services.

IT Support Guys is Your IT Provider

We believe your computer network and technology should be as reliable as the lights, water, and air conditioning in your office – we keep it working so you can keep working. Our Managed Flat Rate IT Plans offer Cloud Services, Desktop Support, Server Hosting, Backup and Recovery, Networking, and Security for one affordable flat rate.

Learn more about our Managed IT Solutions at http://www.itsupportguys.com/ or contact us by phone at 1.855.448.4897.