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You Should Keep an Eye on Automation

The use of automation is making waves in several industries for the boost in productivity it presents and overall cost reduction. With these systems being integrated very rapidly, the fear is that human workers are going to be replaced by machines. The honest truth is that many jobs will be displaced and result in jobs being created elsewhere. Today, we are going to look at what exactly automation is and how it is beneficial to a business and human advancement.

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Increased Automation Is Worrying the Workforce

Automation has helped many businesses improve operations, but at what cost to the people that work for these organizations? Many systems rely on the autonomy of artificial intelligence systems to keep certain tasks and workflows on point. Automation could replace up to a quarter of the current workforce in the next ten years, so people are naturally skeptical and worried about their jobs in the near future.

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How Automation Keeps Your Business Safe

Manually installing software patches and updates is a time-consuming process. With only so many hours in the workday, technicians have to sacrifice time they would spend on more important IT tasks. In many cases, automation can take these routine tasks off the hands of your techs. With more time available to them, technicians can focus on improving infrastructure and handling more complex issues they weren’t able to deal with before.

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