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11 Key Elements of a Business Disaster Recovery Plan


Hurricane season is upon us, while we’ve been lucky in the Tampa Bay Area these past few years, the threat of a major storm could be weeks away. You may not need to start boarding up your windows or raiding Publix for dry food, water and batteries but you do need to start thinking proactively about how you’re preparing your business for a potential disaster. Many of us remember Hurricane Irma which rocked the South East United States in 2017, potentially disrupting 2,108,378 (yes – 2.1 million) businesses in Florida alone. Of these 145,415 businesses were in located Hillsborough county.

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You May Have a Backup, But Could it Be Better?

So, your business has a backup of all your critical data and information. That’s great, but it could be better. Having any backup is better than not having one at all, but not all backups are created equal. Now is the time to give your company’s backup and disaster recovery solution a good look. Today we are going to go over four things to consider when evaluating your backup and disaster recovery solution.

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A Data Loss Event Impacts Your Entire Business

There is nothing more debilitating to a company than data loss. Most companies think the only thing lost in a data loss event is vital information. After the data loss event and the restoration of your backups, you still must consider the lost productivity that comes because of the incident. Information and productivity are not the only things you’ll lose in the event lost data.

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