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SIEM Can Remove Some Big Headaches

Properly handling cybersecurity is extremely important for individuals and businesses, alike, but if you are an organization that has to meet external compliance mandates, it could be a major cost for a business that has a tendency be a target for nefarious outside entities. How many times can businesses get hacked before they take network security seriously? The answer is usually one. Prior to their first hack, most small businesses implore a “we’re too small to worry about it” strategy, but after (if there is an after), security is a major priority.

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Data Management and the Small Business

All businesses need to be as efficient with their resources as possible. You might be surprised by the difference you can make simply by using your data more effectively. Stronger data management platforms, or DMPs, can put you in a better position to understand your organization’s needs, including its market and its customers. It’s time to look at how a DMP can make your business more effective and resource-efficient.

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Traveling Productivity with Technology

Nobody enjoys packing for trips. You have to plan for all types of weather and run the risk of packing too much or too little. When you travel for work, you have the same frustrations about your devices. You can take them all and risk losing them or pack a few and not have the right device when you need it. Then you have to make sure you’re securely connecting to the Internet while using them. A lot of stress for a few days away. Today we are going to look at how to maximize your productivity while getting away from the office.

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3 Business Communication Standbys

Imagine not being able to communicate with a member of your staff, or worse, a potential client. Pretty scary, right? Without reliable ways of communication, projects could be delayed, which ultimately would lead to lost revenue. Advancements in technology have made business communication easier, more efficient, and more reliable than ever before. Are you looking to improve your business’ communication functionality? Check out some of the best pieces of communication technology to improve how your organization keeps in touch.

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What is Virtualization? (And Why Your Business Needs It)

We’ll forgive you if, when you hear the term virtualization, you think of virtual reality and video games. The word invokes an image of the next generation of entertainment. As you might guess from all the other posts we have on our site, we are referring to a concept used in a business’ technical infrastructure. At first, virtualization is a bit confusing, but when you strip away a few of the more advanced details, the overall idea is much easier to understand.

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Kick LogMeIn to the Curb! (Remote Access Alternatives for Business)

If you work from home or travel for work, you have had exposure to remote access software. It’s the ability to access your work computer from another computer or device over the Internet. If so, you may have heard of LogMeIn, one of the leading providers of remote access software. Over the past few years, LogMeIn has been increasing the price of their services, and in some cases by a considerable amount. If you’re reading this, you probably have seen your latest bill and are looking for an alternative to LogMeIn.

Note: This article is intended for users looking to access their computer remotely. If you require screen sharing for remote desktop support, please contact us.

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