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5 Cloud Apps Small Businesses Should Love

The cloud has made it easier for small businesses to compete with larger, more established companies. The most significant way the cloud has helped is by offering dynamic business applications without the need for expensive infrastructure or hosting capabilities. Cloud-based apps provide small businesses with the necessary resources they need to grow, but also employees added flexibility to get their jobs done. Today, we are going to discuss a few of those apps that have helped countless small businesses grow.

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Making Cloud Storage Work for Your Small Business

Big data is huge, even among small businesses. With more and more data being processed and used, cloud storage has become increasingly important for small businesses with limited resources. As the need for space increases, so to do the costs of hosting and maintenance. The affordability and scalability of the cloud make it the ideal storage solution for businesses of all sizes. In this article, we’ll talk about the different types of cloud storage solutions and how they can benefit your small business.

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