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Mobile Cyber Crime Puts Your Business at Risk

Mobile devices have become an integral part of doing business. With the increase of mobile devices in the workplace comes risk in the form of mobile cyber crime. Attacks toward mobile devices have been increasing, and the numbers will continue to rise. Ignoring the threats could leave your organization vulnerable. Let’s take a bigger look at mobile cyber crime and what you can do to protect your business.

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The Growing Threat of Cyberterrorism

There’s no easy way to talk about terrorism. It’s an unfortunate truth that it has become a new normal around the world with more people being affected by it daily. Terrorism of any kind is an act committed by an individual or group with the purpose of intimidating others. Cyberterrorism has the same goal by administering attacks against computer networks and infrastructure. In this post, we are going to look at cyberterrorism, and what makes it stand apart from other forms of cyber crime.

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Cyber Crime and Punishment: Who Is Accountable for Data Loss?

These days you can’t go a week without hearing about governments, companies, and other organizations dealing with major data breaches. It’s so commonplace that sometimes people don’t stop to consider the effect all these data loss events can have. As it pertains to the individual, there is always the chance, if a company gets breached, or loses data from a disaster or a hack, that your anonymity is a casualty. After the media attention fades, there are millions of people that are left exposed and companies, some huge multinational conglomerates, that don’t face any repercussions.

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