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SIEM Can Remove Some Big Headaches

Properly handling cybersecurity is extremely important for individuals and businesses, alike, but if you are an organization that has to meet external compliance mandates, it could be a major cost for a business that has a tendency be a target for nefarious outside entities. How many times can businesses get hacked before they take network security seriously? The answer is usually one. Prior to their first hack, most small businesses implore a “we’re too small to worry about it” strategy, but after (if there is an after), security is a major priority.

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Data Management and the Small Business

All businesses need to be as efficient with their resources as possible. You might be surprised by the difference you can make simply by using your data more effectively. Stronger data management platforms, or DMPs, can put you in a better position to understand your organization’s needs, including its market and its customers. It’s time to look at how a DMP can make your business more effective and resource-efficient.

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