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Marriott Breach Impacts Millions

Marriott International’s centralized online reservation network for Starwood branded hotels recently suffered a massive breach.  News outlets are indicating that the information leak stretches as far back as 2014 and was not capped until late November 2018.  Estimates currently indicate that nearly half of a billion customer’s names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passport numbers, and Starwood Preferred Guest account information had been compromised. Additionally, some credit card numbers and expiration dates had also been revealed along with the encryption software necessary to decode those numbers.

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The CLOUD Act Explained (TL;DR: Goodbye, Privacy)

Another year, another spending bill has passed through the U.S. House and Senate, and on March 23, 2018, it was signed into law. Being an IT company, we aren’t going to be talking about the massive amount of government spending that was just passed through. We are more concerned about a specific earmark within the 2,232-page behemoth. Called the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data, or CLOUD Act, the new law has the implications of eroding individual privacy protection around the world. The act amends the Stored Communications Act of 1986 and gives unelected American officials a lot of power over global digital privacy rights.

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Powerful Data Encryption and Protection with a VPN

The ability to allow employees to work remotely has become more and more popular among businesses. It’s a practice that benefits both employees and business owners. A happy workforce is more productive, and the business reduces their office space footprint and saves costs associated with it. With your employees being spread around the city, state, or even country, you need to ensure that the data they send back and forth is secure. Implementing a virtual private network, or VPN, is a way to achieve data security while working out of the office.

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Data Security Must Be a Priority for Your Organization

As another data breach hits the news, this time hitting Equifax, it comes as no surprise that data security is on the minds of the county. While it’s optimistic to think your business will never experience a data breach, it’s an unrealistic expectation. It’s this kind of thinking that could leave your network vulnerable to an attack if you don’t prepare.

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Network Security Needs To Be A Team Effort

Network security is more than just an honest attempt by your staff to protect your organization’s digital assets. It’s making sure that your employees know how to handle dangerous situations, executing preventative IT measures to eliminate potential issues entirely, and having the right technology experts on-hand to handle tough problems that can’t be solved by a few pieces of technology. Continue reading