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Internet Rights Advocacy Is for More Than Internet Access

Some people believe so much in something that they’ll commit their lives to make it better for everyone. The Internet, as one of the most impressive advancements of civilization, has a fair amount of people who take the time (or make a living) advocating on the various issues that face Internet users. These Internet rights advocates have begun to make a big difference on the way that businesses, especially those businesses that only exist on the Internet, can act. Today, we’ll take a look at Internet advocacy.

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Understanding a Data Breach And Your Rights

Over 10 million personal records have been lost or stolen, daily. That’s a lot of information. With numbers this high, there is a change you, or someone you know, has fallen victim to a data breach. Most of the time individuals or businesses are never notified if their information has been compromised. This leads to a false sense of security in thinking your personal information is safe. Don’t be one of the many that make this mistake.

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