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IT Help Desk Saves Time and Money

All businesses need technology to function properly, at least to a certain extent. Depending on how heavily they rely on technology for operations, however, they will need varying degrees of support. Some businesses are fortunate enough to have an in-house IT department that can handle most any request, but others depend on employees being their own tech support option. Needless to say this isn’t the preferable scenario to be in.

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Four Critical (But Confusing) IT Considerations

Some business decisions are easy, like when to go to lunch, for example. Others aren’t nearly as cut and dry, like where to go for lunch. If you think that one’s tough, consider the weight of some of the decisions you have to make concerning your business’ technology. Here, we’ll review a few ways to help simplify the decision-making process for you and your team.

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Managed Services Can Provide a Lot of Value

There’s no way around it; your business relies on technology to operate. From computers and servers to phones and email, every part of your business is affected by technology. How does your company manage all its technology solutions? A lot of small businesses don’t have the budget or staff to maintain a company’s worth of technology effectively. For situations like this, looking at a managed service provider can offer your organization substantial value.

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What is a Service Level Agreement?

Image of a Service Level Agreement Terms & ConditionsThe service level agreement (SLA) is a fundamental piece of the client/service provider relationship. It sets the groundwork for expectations through the entirety of the contract. Without the SLA, there would be no way to measure success or failure or to keep anyone accountable. Regarding outsourcing IT, a service level agreement establishes benchmarks for all technical services, including downtime guarantees and response time expectations. Learn what a service level agreement is and how both the client and service provider can benefit.

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4 Key Must-Haves When Selecting an IT Service Provider

The selection process of any vendor is an intensive process. You need to find the right balance of expertise, services available, and how they fit into your business’ budget. It’s no different when looking for a qualified managed IT service provider. Much like hiring a new employee, a few key qualifications should help you gauge the worth of the provider. Knowing what to look for is the hard part. Let’s go over a few of the significant things to look for when selecting a managed IT service provider.

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IT for Small Business: In-house vs Outsourced IT

IT serves an essential role in your business. Each department, from accounting to marketing and everything in-between, relies on up-to-date software and hardware for their daily functions. But IT isn’t just about keeping your computers and software current.

Network and information security is a crucial part of an IT departments role. With threats evolving fast, having a robust network security structure is an important defense. A well-trained and experienced staff is needed to keep it properly maintained.

So, for a small business, it’s not whether you need to have an IT department or not, it’s whether to hire in-house or outsource IT to a managed service provider. To make the best decision for your business, you’ll need to look at what each option can provide for your organization.

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Remote Monitoring and Management Keeps Your Business Running

When it comes to IT support, there are two options for a business; hire an internal staff or work with an outsourced IT support vendor. Which option your business chooses comes down to how your organization is set up and your budget. For many small businesses, it’s difficult to have a dedicated IT staff due to budgetary constraints. You shouldn’t have to worry about IT issues on top of everything else in your business. That’s why remote monitoring and management from an outsourced IT service provider gives you peace of mind and assurance your business technology is well taken care of.

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Managed IT Services Bring Substantial Value

Take a moment to think about your business’ IT maintenance. How do you take care of it? A typical small business handles IT in one of two ways: a small IT department that only takes care of a few tasks a month, or there is no IT department and employees perform their maintenance. Neither of these situations is ideal. A managed IT service provider can lower technology costs and add value to every department in your organization.

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