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What You Really Lose When You Lose Your Smartphone

Let’s talk about a modern-day, technological horror story: losing your smartphone. Did you instinctively check to make sure you still had it? Smartphones carry so much personal information that losing it could put your financial and social media accounts at risk. For businesses, employees losing company phones means your data would be vulnerable as well. Just how much information is stored on your smartphone? A lot.

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Do You Have a Mobile Device Security Plan in Place?

Mobile devices are becoming more routine in day-to-day business. This means you need to make employee mobile device security a priority. Advancements in telephone technology have made the phone more than just a way to transmit sound. Smartphones account for more and more web traffic every year, making them prime targets for cybercriminals and cyber attacks. To ensure your business is safe, it’s time to implement a mobile device security strategy today.

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