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ALERT: Your Business’ Infrastructure May Be Susceptible to Meltdown/Spectre Vulnerability

With Intel being the world’s largest computer processor manufacturer, you’d expect they would make sure their firmware was up to high-security standards. When news of the Meltdown/Spectre vulnerabilities hit the major outlets, it was revealed that Intel chips had a bit of a problem. The issue with the chips could lead to a significant drop in the CPU’s performance. Any reduction in performance will have a negative impact on your business.

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UTM For Small Business Network Security

Network security is always evolving and with good reason. New threats to your small business are always emerging, and businesses need to implement the latest advancements in network security to stop them. As a small business owner, you can never take too much time looking over your organization’s security measures. As threats become more complex, traditional security solutions might not be enough to keep your organization safe. You’ll need to look at more advanced tools to add to your network. Unified Threat Management (UTM) security device is just one tool that you should consider putting in place to help safeguard your small business.

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Keeping Your Wi-Fi Network Secure

If you haven’t implemented a strategy to manage your employee’s mobile devices on your company Wi-Fi network, now is the time. More and more people are using them. In fact, one study shows that over 90% of people under 30 own a smartphone. With usage that high, you’ll need to set up security measures to protect your business against threats that are targeting smartphones. Making sure your organization’s Wi-Fi network is secure your first step.

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Innovative Network Security Investment is a Must

Let 2018 be the year you make it a priority to improve your business’ network security. With threats like ransomware, malware, and data breaches happening more often, it’s time to look at your overall network security investment. It must be a priority for your business to not only protect your data but your customers’ personal information as well. How do you make the most of your network security investment? Utilize features such as cloud computing, biometric identification and authentication, security analysis, and managed security services.

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Network Security Tools to Keep Your Business Safe

When it comes to your business’s network security, it doesn’t pay to cut costs. Simple network security tools are becoming more affordable for businesses of all sizes. With common threats and vulnerabilities frequently showing up in the business environment, having strong network security is as vital as ever. These network security tools are easy to implement and will reduce the cost of potential security threats.

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Data Security Must Be a Priority for Your Organization

As another data breach hits the news, this time hitting Equifax, it comes as no surprise that data security is on the minds of the county. While it’s optimistic to think your business will never experience a data breach, it’s an unrealistic expectation. It’s this kind of thinking that could leave your network vulnerable to an attack if you don’t prepare.

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5 Reminders To Protect You Against Ransomware

In many ways, the Internet still feels like an untamed wilderness. Threats to your business show up all the time, and this doesn’t even consider the powder keg that is social media. According to Cisco’s Annual Cybersecurity Report, ransomware is growing 350% on a yearly basis. That means that the number of attacks your business could run into is going to increase. Follow these five tips to make sure your company and employees are taking the right measures to staying safe online.

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Network Security Needs To Be A Team Effort

Network security is more than just an honest attempt by your staff to protect your organization’s digital assets. It’s making sure that your employees know how to handle dangerous situations, executing preventative IT measures to eliminate potential issues entirely, and having the right technology experts on-hand to handle tough problems that can’t be solved by a few pieces of technology. Continue reading