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Does Your Business Need RMM?

Today’s business culture has become a series of multi-tasked simultaneous operations done in a constrained personnel environment. The reality to this new normal is that you have very little control over when your IT network will experience a technical issue. It does not take a significant technical issue to render your business unable to function.  Waiting to react is basically accepting downtime as a part of doing business, but there is an alternative.  That alternative focuses on being proactive, by not accepting downtime, and rejecting it as the waste of time and money that it is. It is absolutely crucial to change your perspective. Why wait for something to go wrong when you can prevent a bad outcome by acting now?

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IT for Small Business: In-house vs Outsourced IT

IT serves an essential role in your business. Each department, from accounting to marketing and everything in-between, relies on up-to-date software and hardware for their daily functions. But IT isn’t just about keeping your computers and software current.

Network and information security is a crucial part of an IT departments role. With threats evolving fast, having a robust network security structure is an important defense. A well-trained and experienced staff is needed to keep it properly maintained.

So, for a small business, it’s not whether you need to have an IT department or not, it’s whether to hire in-house or outsource IT to a managed service provider. To make the best decision for your business, you’ll need to look at what each option can provide for your organization.

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Managed IT Services Bring Substantial Value

Take a moment to think about your business’ IT maintenance. How do you take care of it? A typical small business handles IT in one of two ways: a small IT department that only takes care of a few tasks a month, or there is no IT department and employees perform their maintenance. Neither of these situations is ideal. A managed IT service provider can lower technology costs and add value to every department in your organization.

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