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Protect Your Reputation with Solid Network Security

Your organization needs to take network security as seriously as possible. While it might seem tempting to just implement security solutions and hide behind them, thinking you’re safe, it’s much more important that you invest time and consideration into your organization’s culture. We’ll walk you through how you can minimize threats to your network, as well as provide a primer for what to expect from comprehensive enterprise network security solutions.

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Phishing Attacks Are Besting Two-Factor Authentication–Now What?

What has proven to be one of the more effective ways of preventing phishing attacks may be under fire from more advanced threats designed specifically to penetrate the defenses of two-factor authentication. This means that users need to be more cognizant of avoiding these attacks, but how can you help them make educated decisions about this? Let’s start by discussing the phishing attacks that can beat 2FA.

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Here are 5 Trends Happening with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is currently one of the most promising, yet risk-laden, information technology trends that we have today. The combination of the push for more connected devices with the lack of the security they need to remain protected, presents a considerable issue for a business’ network security. Here, we’ll examine some of the IoT’s latest trends, and how they could impact your business.

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What to Look for in a Mobile Device Management Solution

Regardless of the policies your company sets, your employees are going to have their mobile devices on them; and, depending on their circumstances, they may be tempted to use them to further their work processes. While this may have been cause for concern at one point, there are now methods, collectively known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), that allow you to leverage these tendencies.

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Will the Sovrin Network Improve Online Privacy?

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies gain value and popularity, more people will become familiar with blockchain. While blockchain is most associated with cryptocurrency, it’s easy to overlook just how many uses and benefits the technology has. Blockchain could fundamentally change every single industry with its focus on security, transparency, and privacy.

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Decoding Encryption: How Ancient Cryptography Transformed Digital Security

Privacy and information security have always been on the front of everyone’s mind. In the past, military leaders would send coded messages through battlefields using cryptography. Today, we share private information, including financial and healthcare information, online. The more we share, the greater the chance of our private information falling into the hands of criminals. Computers today take the same techniques of cryptography for encryption. Learn how encryption is keeping your information secure.

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Access Control is Key to Your Business’ Security

When securing your company’s computing infrastructure, one of the most useful ways to manage it is with access control. Not only is it the best way to protect valuable information, but it also helps limit the number of people who have access to specific pieces of data. The few people that have access to sensitive information, the less chance there is that it can be stolen or leaked. There are more ways than ever before to implement access control in your organization. Let’s go over a few things to consider regarding access control, along with some innovative methods it can be applied in for your business’ security.

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Digital Signatures are More Efficient and Secure

Your signature has a lot of power, particularly in the business world. Because of this, it’s curious to see how so many companies are moving over to the more digital alternative. In order to fully take advantage of digital signatures for your organization, you need comprehensive security measures that can reinforce the authenticity of your signatures.

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