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Make Sure Your Staff Understands How Data Disasters Come to Be

Disasters lurk around every corner in the workplace, even on an end-user level. All employees of a business should understand how to identify specific office disasters and what to do when they are encountered. We’ll discuss some of the most common (and deceptive) disasters, as well as how your team should handle them on the off chance they show themselves.

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Small Steps for Major Improvements in Your IT Security

You may think that having a decent firewall and a reasonably-strong password is all it takes for adequate IT security. It requires a little more than that. Every business needs to have a secure network and smart IT security principles. The importance of it is the reason we talk about it so much. A tool we always recommend is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) device. A UTM offers enterprise-level security solutions like a firewall, antivirus software, and spam and content filters. While having a device like this installed can be a significant improvement over your current protections, nothing can prevent a simple human error.

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