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Preparing for your ITSG consultation:

When adding new employees, be prepared to describe the process you currently follow and how you see IT being a part of it.

From procuring equipment, creating identities within your various systems, setting passwords, enabling MFA, procuring licenses, and finalizing the deployment of all software titles.

  1. Do you have an active contract with another MSP or MSSP? We generally recommend one month of overlap between providers to ensure the transfer of credentials and knowledge is smooth.
  2. Do you foresee issues with a separation leading to a hostile takeover?
  1. Do you have servers or software that you’re trying to retire or migrate?
  2. Do you already have equipment pending setup?
    1. Do you know the license types of your current mailboxes?
    2. Do you have a full count of how many mailboxes are in your cloud suite?
    3. Do you have backups of your cloud data?

    Is your organization planning to or in the process of applying for cyber security insurance? Please have this information handy for your call.