ITSG is thrilled to announce our new identity as Next Perimeter. At Next Perimeter, we continue to lead the way in cloud-first security, emphasizing zero trust architecture to safeguard your digital assets against modern-day threats. Contact your CIO for more details about our latest offerings.

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As the lead applications and systems vCIO, Luy drives the hybrid and multi-cloud architecture and server infrastructure strategy of IT Support Guys that play a critical role in the digital transformation clients’ experience. With a deep knowledge of existing technologies and capabilities, Luy leads client messaging and collaboration strategies that support today’s digital workforce. He aligns IT infrastructure with customers’ business goals and objectives, investments, operating structure, workforce needs, services, and strategies.

Founded in 2006, under Luy’s leadership IT Support Guys has grown from a small IT consulting firm located in the heart of Los Angeles to a full-service Managed Service Provider with multiple locations and nationwide support capabilities. As the CEO, Luy is primarily responsible for corporate direction, business development and growth strategies. He leads a seasoned team dedicated to helping SMBs leverage technology to transform their businesses in today’s digital economy. After studying Computer Science in Santa Barbara, California, Luy joined forces with an enterprise-class Australian software company to spearhead their US market penetration. He facilitated data integrations of POS and inventory systems to automate pricing changes for Fortune 500 retailers like CompUSA and Verizon.

Enthralled by the convergence of enterprise and rapidly advancing small business technology, Luy started IT Support Guys to enable organizations to harness technology to compete against the giants of their market. Luy is an alumnus of Tampa Connections, a member of the Tech Hire Committee, and volunteers at local tech workshops that empower adults by educating them to use technology to improve their economic mobility. Outside the office, Luy enjoys exploring nature with his three dogs. When he’s not leading the pack across Florida and California, Luy can be found golfing, sparring at his Jiu-Jitsu gym, or avidly listening to the latest technology podcasts.