IT Security Services

Protect Your Business with Advanced IT Security Services

Through our portfolio of holistic IT security services, we utilize industry-leading measures to develop an extensive security strategy that includes network segmentation, systems implementations, testing, 24/7 monitoring, vulnerability, and patch management, as well as compliance audits to ensure your company doesn’t face a crippling threat event.

With Backups by IT, our proprietary backup and disaster recovery solution, we ensure threats are mitigated, backups are tested, and guarantee 100% recoverability to reduce the potential of data loss from external or internal threats, disasters, and human error.

IT Security Services Plans

Staying ahead of cybercrime requires an approach custom-made to your business. Our experts equip companies with proactive IT security services plans designed to keep hackers at bay.

Managed Endpoint Security

Antivirus software and spam blockers aren’t enough to protect modern businesses from end-to-end. Our endpoint security protocols stem from a policy-driven approach custom-built around

Email Security Services

The majority of cyberattacks start with email – and these crimes are evolving by the hour! IT Support Guys will provide you with multiple layers of email security to protect you from both

SIEM - Security Information & Event Management - Incident Response

Preventative defense can only do so much against cyber breaches – this is where SIEM incident response saves the day. We will custom-configure your cyber incident response plan to

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Case Study

Insurance Law Firm

Learn how we helped one insurance law firm save over $14,680 in prevented downtime during the first year with proactive managed IT support.

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