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Want to reclaim your time with a proactive IT team?

Managed IT Pricing Shouldn’t Be a Mystery.

At IT Support Guys, we make it easy to receive a personalized estimate based on your unique IT environment, challenges, and business objectives.

By using our Managed IT Services Pricing Wizard, you can build a comprehensive solution (and receive a price estimate) that will turn your IT services from a cost center into a competitive weapon.

How do you compare to other IT solutions?

The decision to hire in-house, contract out IT to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), or use a freelance consultant requires careful consideration. While many businesses like having an in-house IT support person, they miss out on many benefits an MSP can offer, while often forgetting other costs such as tooling.

Total Estimated Hours per Month Spent on IT-Related Tasks: This is a sum of the total of hours spent on common IT-related tasks per month, such as:

  • General IT support requests, like account help and troubleshooting (Half an hour per employee).
  • Installing/managing business applications (One and a half hours per business application).
  • On and offboarding users (Based on a 36.4% turnover rate, at 2 hours average for IT on/offboarding tasks, averaging out to roughly 45 minutes per employee).
  • Proactively securing users and devices (Two hours per employee).

Total Estimated Cost of Internal IT: This is calculated from the following costs:

  • Hiring an IT Professional internally (Salary Cost, times the number of IT Professionals needed).
  • Cost of Help Desk software (Average $96 per agent per month).
  • Cost of Remote Access software ($102.90 per month per IT professional).
  • Cost of Remote Monitoring & Management and Endpoint Security (About $8 per user per month).

The above are only some of the costs a company will incur to have their own internal IT – that’s where IT Support Guys can help power up your business. We offer unlimited support, with a full team working to proactively protect your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most common questions below. If you still have a question, give us a quick call.

Yes! Our managed IT services include unlimited remote help desk support via chat, email, phone, or our customer support portal for computers, servers, and network-attached devices covered under your managed services agreement with IT Support Guys.

Our solutions are designed to meet all the IT requirements of your small or medium-sized business at a predictable monthly rate. Unlike traditional IT consultants, who only fix problems as they arise, we proactively manage and monitor your IT systems to remediate roadblocks and IT-related issues before they can impact business performance. Our IT services include regularly scheduled maintenance on your workstations, servers, firewalls, and network devices.

Each business’s IT environment is unique, so it is virtually impossible to give a truly accurate quote online without an onsite IT assessment.

An IT assessment is a review of a company’s environment, network, systems, unique challenges and goals, which allows us to provide an accurate, personalized, proposal with recommendations, in plain English everyone can understand. An IT assessment generally only takes 30 minutes.

We follow a simple four-step process when completing an IT assessment:

  • Site Visit & Introduction – We briefly meet with your team, listen to your current pain points and challenges, and complete a quick tour of your office.
  • End-User Process Review – We’ve found that end-user support and troubleshooting can suffer when internal teams become overwhelmed. That’s why we’ll identify end-user challenges, process efficiencies or inefficiencies, and document recommendations that will help your team streamline their support and improve everyone’s tech experience.
  • Network Assessment – During a network assessment, one of our engineers will create a detailed report and analyze your organization’s IT infrastructure including the number of devices connected to your network such as computers, servers, switches, access points and your firewall, as well as document mission-critical applications, security, and performance.

    Our network assessment has three phases:

    1. Identify – Our engineer will complete a non-intrusive network scan to identify computers, servers, routers, access points, and business applications that your current infrastructure supports. We’ll uncover hard to detect issues, measure risk, and check for security vulnerabilities (if any). This process takes 15 minutes.
    2. Analyze – Next, our team reviews this information gathered during the network assessment scan to provide your team with an accurate and personalized proposal within 48 hours based on the specifications of your unique IT environment.
    3. Recommend – What are experts good for if they don’t provide valuable insight and recommendations? We have your best interest in mind which is why we will provide detailed recommendations to improve security, productivity, and prevent costly downtime.

The last step in our process is to meet with your team to review your IT assessment. We’ll review our Managed IT service offerings as they relate to your environment, the supportability of your network,  recommendations, and any vulnerabilities found. Our team will answer any and every question your team might have.

IT Support Guys offers one-, two-, or three-year contract terms (longer if desired) with tiered discounts. As is common with most services, prospective customers who choose a longer-term upfront receive a greater discount over the length of the agreement.

When we begin working with clients, there is always a certain amount of review, documentation, setup, training, catchup, and cleanup services required to bring a business’ technology infrastructure up to supportable standards.

In many instances, business owners are not aware of the extent of the services and resources required.

If you have an existing IT department, it could be that your staff was so busy with end-user support, day-to-day activities, or mission-critical projects that one or many parts of your infrastructure decayed over time.

Don’t worry, this is far more common than most executives realize. Onboarding new clients is a resource-intensive process and requires a significant investment by IT Support Guys to quickly bring your IT environment to the standards required to eliminate downtime, improve employee performance, and enable your business to thrive in today’s competitive tech-driven marketplace.

We’re dedicated to our customers’ long-term success and our client retention rate of 97% since 2006 speaks volumes of the value we provide to the businesses we support. If a one-year contract to transform your IT operational maturity is a roadblock for you, we may not be a good fit for your business goals.

Yes. Every managed services agreement is backed by clear service level agreements (SLAs) which govern our guaranteed response times and guarantees regarding the quality of service we provide. We meticulously track key performance indicators (KPIs) and service metrics across each department to continually optimize our service delivery. These performance metrics extend across each business unit, from monitoring the help desk’s average response times, time to resolution, first-time fix percentage, outstanding tickets and SLA response times, to name a few.

We display our monthly service metrics on our homepage because we believe that transparency and trust are key to earning your business each month.

We’re experts in the cloud services and applications that can propel your business forward. We offer technical expertise in Office 365, cloud solutions, IT security services, compliance, VoIP phone systems, and more. Every service is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee – let’s start the conversation and discover how we can help you reach your business goals.

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