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Next-Level IT Support for the Consumer Goods Industry

Digitize, Transform, Connect with Expert Consulting


of consumers will not do business with a company if they have concerns about its security practices.



of consumers believe most companies handle their sensitive personal data responsibly.

Stay Relevant in a World Where Tech Is Always Changing

There’s a shift taking place in the consumer goods industry – and technology is the driving force.

Innovation, rapidly evolving software, and tech-savvy consumers are dramatically changing the way retail companies produce and distribute products. Success for consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies depends on efficiency and productivity.

Game-Changing IT Services for CPG Companies

Executives today understand that IT is capable of game-changing innovation and business transformation that can stimulate revenue growth, get products to market faster, and even create entirely new business models.

To thrive in tomorrow’s modern consumer environment, today’s companies need to provide rich, personalized shopping experiences that connect with the latest technology.

That’s where we come in.

IT Support Guys provides the retail IT support your company needs to standardize your systems, reduce costs, and deliver the experience consumers demand. From business line of software support and process optimization to data system integrations, IT Support Guys will help revolutionize your company’s relationship with technology.

Leverage Technology to Create Loyal Customers

Managed IT services can take you far beyond operational efficiency. With the help of IT Support Guys, you’ll be able to better track your point-of-sale data, consumer engagement, mobile workforce, and consumer buying trends. Leverage big data to make data-driven decisions that allow you to capture a greater share of the market.

With a 360ׄ° view of your customer, you can ensure that you’re giving customers the personalized service they crave. You can also use this information to provide loyal shoppers with a complete, transparent view of your business and security practices to encourage loyal support of your brand.

IT Support Guys can help you improve the customer experience and shorten production lifecycles through IoT networks for smarter manufacturing via process optimization and automation. Don’t tackle everything on your own – let us walk you through the process of channeling the customer experience.

Win Trust with Serious Data Security

Consumers trust companies less today than in the past when it comes to maintaining the security and integrity of their data. If your IT infrastructure is weak, inefficient, or full of vulnerabilities, you’re exposing customers to all kinds of threats. In fact, PWC’s national consumer intelligence survey found that 85 percent of consumers will not do business with a company if they have concerns about its security practices.

Trust and security are essential to building loyal customers. That’s why IT Support Guys takes cybersecurity seriously by enhancing your systems and network with advanced segmentation, endpoint protection, patch management, and more. We also train your employees and run phishing simulations to help keep your workforce vigilant against potential threats. Lastly, if you do business in California, we’ll help you develop a compliance strategy to ensure you track and store customers’ personal information properly according to the latest data privacy law – the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Our Areas of Expertise in Consumer Goods

Unlimited Help Desk Support

When a customer runs into a problem or your systems go down, you can’t afford to wait for retail IT support. That’s why we offer 24/7 unlimited help desk support to our clients. We’ll solve the majority of your problems remotely, eliminating the need to wait for onsite visits.

System Integrations

Adopting new technology is meaningless if data remains siloed. Whether you’re using three different pieces of software to run your business or dozens, seamless integrations across legacy platforms, on-premise databases, and cloud services are how consumer goods brands remain agile to consumer needs or shifting market trends.

Work with the integration experts that empower your organization to leverage the data that drives insights to deliver products to market faster, improving your bottom line and operational risks.

Endpoint Security

IT Suport Guys has everything you need to keep your consumer goods business safe: network security, antivirus, threat detection, intrusion prevention, and much more. We’ll help you protect your valuable intellectual property, like formulas or recipes, and prevent crippling data breaches so you can sustain brand loyalty with confidence, because in today’s world, consumer trust is easily lost.

With IT Support Guys’ consumer goods consulting, you will future-proof your business with a proactive, end-to-end security plan.

Device and Asset Lifecycle Management

Our team will help you reduce costs and ensure you’re always getting the maximum ROI from your technology and devices. By implementing a comprehensive asset lifecycle management program, we’ll effectively optimize the lifetime value of all your assets, regardless of scope, scale, or industry.

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