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Leverage the Right Technology for Your Legal Practice

With changing regulations to client data and confidentiality processes, along with an ever-growing risk of cyberthreats, it’s time to leverage the right technology to protect your legal practice.

With our managed IT services for the legal industry, we’ll help your law practice maintain client confidentiality and protect against data vulnerabilities. We’re highly trained in helping attorneys and their teams defend client data and implement enhanced security measures.

From compliance measures to developing an efficient hybrid cloud architecture, we’ll bring your IT infrastructure to the next level.

Embrace the Future
of Legal IT Services

As you determine the best IT strategy for the next decade, take the opportunity to create a future-proof digital workspace that will allow you to stay current and nimble as technology advances.

IT Support Guys will make sure you don’t get left behind as technology changes the roles of lawyers and legal services. Whether we’re talking about artificial intelligence, cloud storage, collaboration tools, information barriers, or software implementations, IT Support Guys enables you access to the diverse expertise you need to ensure your practice stays competitive.

Plan for Better Data Security

In the next few years, we expect to see a growing emphasis on cybersecurity, compliance and data defense within the legal industry. As a law firm, you’re entrusted with highly sensitive information that will need to be protected in accordance with these changing legal regulations.

Our experts aren’t just trained in compliance and general cybersecurity. We know exactly what kinds of protection legal businesses need. We’ll implement an impregnable information barrier to prevent data breaches, conflicts of interest and more.

IT Support Guys will ensure your client data and intellectual property stay secure, from email encryption, to disk encryption, to data loss prevention strategies, to daily backups, to business continuity plans. We’ll help you protect and maintain client confidentiality.

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of respondents report that their law firms experienced a security breach in 2019


of legal practices use whole/full disk encryption, leaving them susceptible to data thefts

Benefits of Managed IT for Law Firms

Secure Confidential Data

While the ABA recognizes that law firms are enhancing their security posture, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. IT Support Guys will help you implement the latest security measures, including a zero-trust network model and email encryption to protect your business and your clients’.

Enhance Productivity

Legal teams today face many challenges, but maximizing your ability to deliver on time for clients shouldn’t be one of them. Using Office 365, we’ll help you automate redundant tasks, collaborate more efficiently and work smarter, not harder.

Ensure Business Continuity

It’s not a matter of if, but when. Natural and human-induced disasters will occur. We’ve seen it all – from server failure, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and ransomware attacks. We’ll design, test, and manage your business continuity plan so your legal team can continue operations if the unexpected happens.

eDiscovery & Data Loss Prevention

Meet demanding internal governance requirements and mitigate litigation risks by securely preserving email content with eDiscovery and remove the human-error element with strong data-loss-prevention policies.

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Case Study

Insurance Law Firm

Learn how we helped one insurance law firm save over $14,680 in prevented downtime during the first year with proactive managed IT support.

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What our Client’s Say about us

IT Support Guys managed IT services customer testimonial by Popchips
Zachary T.

IT Support Guys provides timely, effective, and honest IT support. I’ve been working with them for over a year now and continue to be impressed. From supporting our computers to building a new domain controller, these guys are the best. They’re friendly, competent, and have very competitive pricing. Luy and Stephen really are the best!

Managed IT services confidential customer testimonial from an insurance law firm.
Kym T.

I cannot speak highly enough about the team at IT Support Guys. Their support, attention to detail, and response times are amazing. When I pick up the phone and dial their help desk, a tech always picks up in a few seconds. Our last IT company was a nightmare to deal with. IT Support Guys has been a breath of fresh air since we started working together four years ago.

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