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M&E firms experienced three or more cyber attacks over 12 months.

Reimagine Your M&E Business Model with Media Technology Consulting

Businesses in the media and entertainment industry have an abundance of large files to share and store – not to mention tight deadlines, high expenses, and the constant threat of data breaches.

You need a speedy network that can handle the intense demands of an M&E company. IT Support Guys will design and manage the network you need to support 4K live editing, high-end storage, and quick collaboration – wherever your team members may be.

Not only will your in-office and on-the-go agents have access to your collaboration software, we’ll make sure that all of your communications and data stay private.

You’ve got top-secret information to protect. We have the media and entertainment solutions to defend it in compliance with legal regulations.

Adapt to Changes in Consumer Behavior

Consumers aren’t just looking for entertainment – they’re looking for cutting-edge innovation. As the public’s perception of the industry changes, we continue to sharpen our tools for digitization in media and entertainment.

IT Support Guys will help your M&E business become more mobile, agile, and flexible in a world where technology is constantly changing. With our experts in your corner, integrating next-gen technology and staying ahead of the competition is a breeze, or as easy as yelling “cut!”

The Kinds of M&E Businesses We Serve

Whether you’re involved in radio, film, print, or television, we will help you implement the media and entertainment software you need to succeed.

IT Support Guys provides 24/7 support for M&E businesses. Whenever you encounter a hiccup in your IT processes or applications, we’re standing by to provide immediate assistance.

Streamline your media and entertainment operations with the help of IT Support Guys!

The Key Solutions of Managed Services for M&E Companies

Cloud-Based Accessibility​

Shoot a show anywhere in the world. Store all of your data quickly and safely in the cloud.

It’s time to move away from physical transport and facilitate post-production editing that’s both efficient and accessible – wherever your entertainment and media industry partners, or the location of your shot. 

With IT Support Guys, you’ll have access to the cloud services required to continuously captivate your audiences while working with the most scalable, high-demand performance cloud computing solutions available to engage your viewers at every turn.

Optimized Collaboration Capabilities​

Your team needs to collaborate from anywhere, anytime. 

This involves adopting ideal collaboration tools – something that’s not one-size-fits-all. Our experts will learn your organizational needs backwards and forwards, then develop a collaborative approach that streamlines your workflows with no kinks. 

Forget juggling different chat, email, and file transfer applications – we’ll centralize your collaboration methods to build a more productive, simplified atmosphere that lets your talent shine!

Managed Security​

Rest assured – when you work with IT Support Guys, all of your data transmissions are secure. 

Our digital experts take great measures to protect your business’s intellectual property – while ensuring compliance with the latest rules, including COPPA, CCPA, and GDPR.

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