A Network Audit Is A Good Idea. Here’s Why.3 Min Well Spent

So, your organization has an internal IT department. Great. Now look and see what their focus is on. 

Do they spend too much time problem-solving employee technical issues, and neglect the infrastructure? Maybe they can innovate and improve the network, but routine maintenance has fallen by the wayside. 

The time is now to reach out to an IT service provider to perform a network audit.

Why Perform a Network Audit?

The best way to know how to develop your infrastructure is to see where you’re currently falling short. 

You can achieve this with a network audit, which can take a look at your current infrastructure structure with the intention of recognizing weak points, where there are chances for growth. 

This can come in the form of software updates, hardware upgrades, and security patches. We’ll delve into some of the best reasons how a network audit from IT Support Guys can help your organization.

Identify Network Troubles

Your network’s data flow can be complicated enough that you might not notice any weaknesses at first glance. 

Of course, no two networks are the same, so the solution that works for one organization will likely work differently for another. A network audit can help you recognize the specific needs of your network. 

For example, a network bottleneck could reduce the flow of data and prevent issues that bite you later on in the day (think of an email backup–receiving the day’s email messages all at once at the end of the day). 

The best way to find these issues before they cause trouble is to use a network audit to identify them.

Discover Hardware Issues

How long have you been using the same servers and workstations? If it’s been around for even a couple of years, there is a higher chance of your business experiencing a hardware crash. 

This type of disaster is something that is entirely preventable thanks to a network audit. 

We can take a look at your network and discover warning signs that point toward hardware failure. You can then implement measures to prevent these issues altogether.

Patch Up Security Problems

Software is mandatory, but it can be annoying as it needs to be updated so regularly to keep vulnerabilities under control. 

New threats emerge every day, and they need to be handled in a preventative fashion so that you don’t unexpectedly suffer from a data breach due to a failure to update the software immediately. 

With so many workstations and servers at your disposal, you’ll have trouble applying patches to every single one. 

A network audit can be used to determine which patches need to be implemented immediately. 

Better yet, when combined with IT Support Guys’ remote monitoring and management service that leverages automation to ensure all software is updated regularly, potential problems can be resolved quickly.

The Most Important Benefit of All

A network audit is a valuable opportunity to put a face to the name of the IT professional handling the process. 

IT Support Guys can provide this network audit, and you can watch our knowledgeable technicians in action doing what they do best. 

You might even ask us about all of the other services we offer for small businesses just like yours, including network security, data backup, disaster recovery, and remote monitoring and management.

For more information about the services we can offer your organization, reach out to us at 855-4IT-GUYS (855-448-4897).