Small Steps for Major Improvements in Your IT Security4 Min Well Spent

You may think that having a decent firewall and a reasonably-strong password is all it takes for adequate IT security. It requires a little more than that. Every business needs to have a secure network and smart IT security principles. The importance of it is the reason we talk about it so much. A tool we always recommend is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) device. A UTM offers enterprise-level security solutions like a firewall, antivirus software, and spam and content filters. While having a device like this installed can be a significant improvement over your current protections, nothing can prevent a simple human error.

Hackers and cybercriminals are always looking for new tricks and techniques to infiltrate a business’ network. When you haven’t encountered an attack, it’s easy to forget they’re even out there. But you shouldn’t put your guard down just because you haven’t had to deal with a cyber attack. In fact, you or your employees may have come across a threat and didn’t even know it. Gone are the days when a hacker tries to crack a code to gain entrance on to a computer network. Cybercriminals have been turning to social engineering and phishing to get past even the most stringent security measures. No security tool can stop a criminal that has legitimate credentials needed to access your sensitive data and information. How can you prevent hackers from manipulating you and your employees? By staying alert and keeping an eye out for threats.

But How Do You Stay Cautious?

For your business to be safe, everyone needs to be aware of what’s required to keep information secure. When management and administrators take IT security seriously, that mindset trickles down to employees. Employees from all levels will understand the importance of being alert when it comes to threats to your business’ network. This includes keeping C-suite employees informed of notable security improvements.

IT Security Shouldn’t Be a Hassle

Adding extra steps to accessing information or their accounts could make employees feel that security measures are more of an inconvenience than protection. Policies like two-factor authentication or password protection might come with a little pushback, even if it’s meant for security. To get employees on board, get them to understand why the measures were put into place. Don’t lash out and tell them just to do what they’re told. Remind them that IT security isn’t just for business security, but individual protection as well.

Implement Regular IT Check-Ups

As you figure out what you need to maintain IT security, you’ll want to keep everyone up-to-date by holding regular meetings or make announcements regarding security. To keep security a priority for your company, you need to make sure you stick to a schedule. A consistent schedule keeps it in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Carefully Reinforce Security Measures

Employees shouldn’t only understand the importance of IT security, but they need to know why these measures are important to begin with. Have your business’ security best practices easily available to your employees, like in the company handbook. Regularly remind them of what measures to take with emails, training videos, or handouts. Threats to your business are always changing. What’s a danger now, might not be in a few months or years. Your employees must be willing to adapt to changes in your security procedures.

Employees won’t see the need to adhere security policies and procedures if there aren’t repercussions for not following them. A lot of issues can be resolved easily with a quick talk and refresher of the security measures. So, don’t be too hard on an employee who slips up once and no information was compromised. If someone consistently screws up or blatantly disregards the procedures put in place, more severe punishment will need to be considered.

Encourage Reporting and Support Requests

Working with technology makes it easy to put in a support request or report suspicious behavior on your network. Make sure your employees are comfortable reporting incidents, even if it’s a mistake they made. Being honest about making a mistake will allow you to work with your employees to correct their behaviors. Further preventing errors in the future.

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