Marriott Breach Impacts Millions

Marriott International’s centralized online reservation network for Starwood branded hotels recently suffered a massive breach.  News outlets are indicating that the information leak stretches as far back as 2014 and was not capped until late November 2018.  Estimates currently indicate that nearly half of a billion customer’s names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passport numbers, and Starwood Preferred Guest account information had been compromised. Additionally, some credit card numbers and expiration dates had also been revealed along with the encryption software necessary to decode those numbers.

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Want Proof that You Need to Monitor Your Solutions?

When discussing the practice of monitoring solutions to prevent threats, it isn’t uncommon for many businesses to put these concerns on the back burner. However, every so often, an example comes around to help inspire businesses to take their monitoring seriously. This time, the example was the arrest of 24 spammers in October for scamming American citizens by impersonating Microsoft support staff members.

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Cybercrime Threats Persist Against Businesses

Nearly 90% of small business owners falsely believe that they are immune from cyber-attack.  The fact is, that over half of those same businesses will fall victim to a malicious ransomware, malware or intrusion, and it is not a question of if it could happen. Business owners must assume that a potential attack will happen at some point in the future, and act on that knowledge to defend their business networks, systems and data.

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Does Your Business Need RMM?

Today’s business culture has become a series of multi-tasked simultaneous operations done in a constrained personnel environment. The reality to this new normal is that you have very little control over when your IT network will experience a technical issue. It does not take a significant technical issue to render your business unable to function.  Waiting to react is basically accepting downtime as a part of doing business, but there is an alternative.  That alternative focuses on being proactive, by not accepting downtime, and rejecting it as the waste of time and money that it is. It is absolutely crucial to change your perspective. Why wait for something to go wrong when you can prevent a bad outcome by acting now?

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Tip of the Week: 5 Handy Tips for Microsoft Word

You would be hard-pressed to find a better-known software suite than Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word probably leading the pack in terms of name recognition. When a solution is so well-known, it can be hard to call anyone who uses it a power user. However, for this week’s tip, we’re doing a deep dive into its capabilities to take your use of Word a few steps up.

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What to Look for in a Mobile Device Management Solution

Regardless of the policies your company sets, your employees are going to have their mobile devices on them; and, depending on their circumstances, they may be tempted to use them to further their work processes. While this may have been cause for concern at one point, there are now methods, collectively known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), that allow you to leverage these tendencies.

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Three Secrets to a Successful Business

It takes a lot of work and determination to make a successful small business. There are countless parts that need to be managed and maintained–so many that it can be difficult to assign a priority at times. There are certain requirements that your organization must achieve in order to remain successful, but it takes a little more than just business savvy to keep your organization ahead of the game. Let’s take a look at some of the ways your business can make itself stand out and achieve success.

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A Brief History of Data Backup

While data backup is a necessary component to any modern business’ success, the idea itself certainly isn’t modern. The act of protecting information dates back to before dates were even an inkling, when humanity was still writing data on cave walls to preserve it and notching animal bones to aid in primitive mathematics. Let’s review the history of data preservation, and how we’ve gotten to our current point.

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Your Backup System Provides an Immediate ROI

Data backup has the nasty misconception that it’s only worth having if you actually use it, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Businesses let this misconception get in the way of an important aspect of business continuity, simply because they don’t want to waste money on something that they won’t actually need. Little do they know that data backup is the only thing standing in the way of your organization failing forever.

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