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Dispensaries are running into a growing number of IT complications, legal issues, and day-to-day snags. IT Support Guys is here to help you jump the newest hurdles and stay in the loop.

Every aspect of your dispensary technology – from workstations to software updates – requires an expert touch. IT Support Guys will ensure your company performs at peak efficiency through the implementation of cloud solutions, the newest software, dispensary POS, customer loyalty programs, and much more.

When it comes to cannabis support services, we have the expertise you need to thrive in this progressive industry.

Managed IT Services
from Seed-to-Sale

Managed IT services are an extremely cost-effective alternative to hiring in-house IT staff. Our remote experts handle all your regular computer maintenance, security protocols, and networks – all without the hefty price tag.

Seed-to-sale cloud platforms are revolutionizing the legal cannabis sales process – and we’re all about it! We’ll guide you in analyzing your consumers’ habits, tracking behavior, inventory management, compliance, and securing sensitive customer information in the cloud. Impress your customers with a seamless, speedy cannabis retail shopping experience.

Our team will help you take your tech and sales process to the next level with reliable point of sale (POS), CRM and seed-to-sale integrations. Let’s grow together.

Cannabis Compliance Simplified IT Support

The legal cannabis industry changes by the day – and making sure your dispensary’s security systems meet all compliance requirements is a full-time job. From tracking inventory and supply chain management to state reporting, customer purchase limits, and maintaining sales tax compliance, your team needs tightly integrated and secure systems. Sustain your HIPAA, PCI DSS, and legal cannabis compliance – without the headaches.

Our managed IT services ensure that every aspect of your dispensary technology is legal and protected, from designing your IT infrastructure to the adoption of new technology.

You’re serving a high-demand product with strict regulations. It’s time you work with IT support company that’s worked with dispensaries on the east and west coast.

Cannabis Security Solutions
for Dispensaries

As the medical marijuana and retail cannabis industry gains traction, so do the threats. Your team collects a wealth of information that’s valuable to cybercriminals, from customer names and addresses to phone and credit card numbers – not to mention potential health data like diagnoses, prescriptions, and order history.

You need to take advantage of emerging MMJ business solutions to lower costs and stay in-tune with the fast-moving cybersecurity landscape. Whether you’re looking for an industry-leading video monitoring systems, alarm or access control systems – we’ll equip you with the heavy-duty security you need.

At IT Support Guys, our goal is to provide you with the physical and virtual security necessary to protect your business, customers, and brand reputation.

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66.3 billion

The legal marijuana market size is expected to reach 66.3 billion USD by the end of 2025


66% of Americans support the federal legalization of recreational marijuana

Feature-Rich IT Support for Dispensaries

Cannabis Compliance Solutions

Cannabis compliance is no laughing matter. Even the slightest error can add up to thousands of dollars in fines, or worse – land you in jail, barring you from the industry and causing forfeiture of your license. Stop worrying about sustaining compliance and love the green market boom. Focus on growing, we’ll manage your IT.

Seed-to-Sale & POS Integrations

No one likes manually entering compliance data into stateside monitoring systems or dealing with time-consuming spreadsheets. We’ll help you implement a fully-integrated seed-to-sale software solution that automatically syncs your required compliance data to save time and prevent costly human errors.

Enhanced Cybersecurity for Dispensaries

Dispensaries are treasure trove rich in customer data, medical records, payment card data, and personally identifiable information. Our cybersecurity experts will help you protect your network, systems, and data against today’s rapid-evolving threats. Keep your brand reputation in good hands.

Prevent Downtime with Proactive Monitoring

Time is money. If your network or POS systems go down, sales come to a grinding halt. Can you afford to turn away customers or wait hours to regain operations? Probably not. That’s why we proactively monitor all your systems, complete preventative maintenance, and ensure systems are always online.

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Learn how we helped one insurance law firm save over $14,680 in prevented downtime during the first year with proactive managed IT support.

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What our Clients Say about us

IT Support Guys managed IT services customer testimonial by Popchips
Zachary T.

IT Support Guys provides timely, effective, and honest IT support. I’ve been working with them for over a year now and continue to be impressed. From supporting our computers to building a new domain controller, these guys are the best. They’re friendly, competent, and have very competitive pricing. Luy and Stephen really are the best!

Managed IT services confidential customer testimonial from an insurance law firm.
Kym T.

I cannot speak highly enough about the team at IT Support Guys. Their support, attention to detail, and response times are amazing. When I pick up the phone and dial their help desk, a tech always picks up in a few seconds. Our last IT company was a nightmare to deal with. IT Support Guys has been a breath of fresh air since we started working together four years ago.

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