Managed Endpoint Security

Detect and Remediate Threats Immediately with Endpoint Security Services

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of SMBs have experienced cyberattacks in which malware evaded their legacy antivirus solutions.


of small and mid-sized businesses that suffer a cyberattack go out of business within six months.

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How We Manage, Detect, and Respond to Threats

More than 43 percent of cyberattacks target small businesses, with 94 percent of malware delivered via email.

That’s why endpoint security is crucial.

Managed Endpoint security involves proactively detecting and responding to advanced security threats like malware, ransomware, phishing, social engineering campaigns, and even combats insider threats looking to steal intellectual property or company assets.

IT Support Guys’ endpoint protection platform (EPP) is a solution deployed on endpoint devices to prevent file-based malware attacks, detect malicious activity, and provide the investigation and remediation capabilities required to respond to dynamic security incidents and alerts.

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Advanced Threat Protection for Mac and PC

No matter the OS your team prefers, we support Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

We combine multilayered defenses, machine learning, and human-backed intervention to provide comprehensive managed endpoint security services that protect businesses against the evolving threat landscape.

Staying on top of your endpoint security systems is a critical step in protecting your business, and it will only become more important in the future. 

Our Security Operations Center’s (SOC) continuous monitoring allows us to execute powerful control over user security and network access – closing the gaps to hackers and other cybercriminals.

Why Every Business
Needs Managed Endpoint Security

More than 70 percent of IT breaches originate at an endpoint – an internet-connected device such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, or POS terminals.

Hiring managed endpoint security services isn’t something you want to do in hindsight, after a data breach.

Endpoint security tools are now must-haves for every kind of company.

Without managed endpoint security from highly trained experts, maintaining constant visibility across your entire network is nearly impossible. 

IT Support Guys will help you implement this valuable component in your cybersecurity playbook – ensuring protection across your entire organization.

A cybersecurity professional is seen monitoring the flow of data and connected endpoints of a business network.

The Benefits of Managed Endpoint Security Services

A female data security specialist reviews code for a new integration to ensure the integrity of the system.

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Advanced Endpoint Protection Features

We deliver the most complete, integrated endpoint security solutions to prevent breaches using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to detect and respond rapidly to threats across workstations, servers, and mobile devices. Our cybersecurity experts streamline securing, discovering, and responding to the sophisticated threats targeting your endpoints.

Multilayered Protection

IT Support Guys integrates multilayered technology, machine learning, and human intervention to offer our customers the very best level of security possible. Our innovative technology continuously adapts to changing threat vectors to provide the right balance of detection, false-positive identification, and performance.

Cross-Platform Support

IT Support Guys’ endpoint protection solution supports all operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. From a centralized command center, we provide a complete managed cybersecurity service to protect your team across mobile devices, computers, and servers.

Unparalleled Performance

Many times, a company’s biggest concern is the performance impact of an endpoint solution across users and hardware. Our comprehensive yet lightweight endpoint security software continues to excel in the performance arena. Gain the security you need without slowing down your users’ machines.

AI + Human Intervention

IT Support Guys harnesses the combined power of neural networks and advanced classification algorithms to remediate potential threats automatically. Rest assured that our Security Operations Center (SOC) acts on alerts to manually stop bad actors before your network can be compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most common questions below. If you still have a question, give us a quick call.

First, let’s answer what an endpoint is – an endpoint is any internet-enabled device that connects to a network; examples include smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop workstations, printers or specialized hardware like point of sale (POS) terminals or retail kiosks.

Endpoint security refers to securing these endpoints, or the end-user devices so that they cannot be used as a conduit for malicious actors to gain access to the network, resulting in a data breach, intellectual property theft, or worse, infect the business network with ransomware.

Many organizations do not have the resources to build a Security Operation Center (SOC) and hire a team of cybersecurity professionals, so they enlist the help of a third-party that specializes in cybersecurity to protect their network, devices and priceless data.

Managed endpoint security service providers leverage economy of scale, deep experience and operational maturity to serve businesses that need the essential security to protect their business, clients and employees from malicious threats at a fraction of the cost that would be required to hire just one security professional.

Endpoint Security is critical to the success of your business. Some business owners may consider endpoint security as an afterthought or view it as an insurance policy; however, thinking in these terms can and has forced businesses to close their doors permanently.

Any device internet-connected device that communicates with your business network, such as a smartphone, tablets, laptops, desktop workstations, printers or specialized hardware like point of sale (POS) terminals or retail kiosks can create an access point that hackers can use to compromise your network.

Endpoint security aims to effectively secure every endpoint connected to a network to prevent threats from gaining access to a business network.

Vulnerability assessment describes the procedure of identifying security gaps and vulnerabilities in computer networks, systems, hardware, applications, and other parts of the IT ecosystem.

Vulnerability assessments provide cybersecurity teams and other stakeholders with the objective analysis they need to evaluate and prioritize threats that need to be remediated to protect an organization from today’s evolving threat landscape.

Vulnerability assessments are a critical part of the vulnerability management and IT risk management lifecycles, helping protect systems and data from unauthorized access and data breaches that may occur from human error, negligence, and insider or external threat.

Vulnerability assessment analysts normally utilize tools like vulnerability scanners, penetration testing software, and phishing simulators to identify threats and gaps within a company’s IT ecosystem that represents possible vulnerabilities or risk exposures.

The average cost of a data breach for SMBs is in between $36,000 and $50,000; however, the total expenses could be more when factoring in related costs such as fines, forensic assessment charges, loss of clientele, brand reputation damage, trust, etc. A data breach that introduces ransomware could force an organization out of business if they’re unable to restore or gain access to critical encrypted data.

You may have the best endpoint and security software installed across your company’s hardware, but a committed hacker or a negligent employee is all it requires to bring the entire system down.

After the cyberattack on Target, cybersecurity expert Shawn Henry pointed out: “Innovation is a piece of the option; however it’s not the sole option.” This rings true more than ever today. Relying solely on off-the-shelf antivirus software is a sure-fire way to put your business, employees and clients at risk.

Lots of small businesses will employ the services of a 3rd party to carry out a security evaluation since they do not have the essential experience or understanding of IT security.

It can be a substantial expenditure, getting an assessment by a company that specializes in this field provides companies peace of mind understanding that all security controls are in location, risks are reduced, and vulnerabilities are patched.

The cost of a security evaluation can vary from $1,000 for basic tests to over $50,000, depending on the size of your organization, intricacy of the IT infrastructure, and scope of the assessment.

Vulnerability assessment analysts from big auditing companies might charge up to $500 per hour for reviewing your network for vulnerabilities and noncompliance.


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