Backup and Recovery Are Essential for Today’s Business4 Min Well Spent

Look at all your company’s data and information. To you, all of it is valuable. So, ask yourself. Would you be able to recover from a massive data loss? If you had to think about it, chances are you aren’t sure. It is imperative for a business to have a backup and recovery strategy in place to deal with worst-case scenarios, such as a data breach or natural disaster. While you think the chances of your business having to deal with this situation are slim, you would be surprised how common it is. Do you want to put your entire organization at risk? Let’s take a look at why it’s essential to have a backup and recovery strategy for your business.

Before we get into your business’ data and information, we want to mention that a business continuity plan also needs to cover your staff and personnel. This plan includes being able to stay in touch after an event and having a strategy for them to get back to work. Having a procedure in place will help eliminate downtime, keep staff safe, and put your recovery solutions in motion.

Keeping your staff and personnel safe is of the utmost importance. For the business side, you’ll need to protect your company’s data. This is where a data backup and disaster recovery strategy come into play. A BDR solution will help keep your business afloat when dealing with a data loss event.

How Much Data Is Being Backed Up?

Chances are if you are backing up your company’s data and information, you feel you could always be backing up more. It only makes sense that you believe every piece of information is critical. What is crucial to your business is entirely up to you. You’ll have to ask yourself what data and information your staff needs to execute their jobs properly. Or, what pieces of data are irreplaceable? You might not consider contacts critical, but the time it would take to collect the information is time you don’t want to waste.

Traditional tape backup takes complete backups of your data, but it only does so on a limited basis. IT Support Guys’ BDR solution can back up data more frequently, and only updates backups when files have been changed, making it a much more convenient and less straining solution for the average small business.

How Often Do You Back up Your Data?

You’ve figured out what data you want to backup. Now you need to determine how often you will perform the backup. A backup is only helpful if it is up-to-date. One that is a few days old will do you no good if significant projects have been started or completed. You’ll have to make up the time lost restoring a backup that was out-of-date. Taking frequent backups could take more time, but you’ll always have an up-to-date file if needed.

To get a perfect mix of timing and copying relevant data, you’ll want to look into a cloud-based BDR solution. These backups only occur when a file has been changed since the last backup. So, everything stays up-to-date without making multiple copies of data or files that haven’t been touched since they were first backed up.

How Fast Can You Restore Data?

When you suffer data loss, you don’t have much time to waste. You’ll need to take action immediately to ensure your data is restored and your business is operating with minimal downtime. Having a fast recovery solution will make restoring data effortless and keep your staff productive. To do this, you’ll need to make sure your infrastructure is prepared to handle these situations. By practicing your backup and recovery solutions often, you’ll be able to ensure proper implementation and execution when you need it the most.

IT Support Guys has been offering comprehensive backup and recovery solutions to small businesses for over a decade. Our time-tested practices have helped businesses recover from situations that would have otherwise left them in the dark. We work with you to figure out the strategy and infrastructure to best fits your organization. To see what BDR solutions work for you, call and speak with an IT Support Guys specialist today at 855-4IT-GUYS (855-448-4897).