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of companies see reduced costs as a result of utilizing cloud technology.


of small businesses using cloud services report significant productivity benefits.

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Cloud Applications Designed by IT Architects

Not every business app is perfectly suitable for the cloud – regardless of what you read online.

Unoptimized cloud environments cost businesses thousands of dollars every year. That’s why we never apply a one-size-fits-all structure to our application hosting services.

Our cloud architects will analyze your unique business needs, technology complexion, and challenges under a microscope to develop a highly personalized cloud application hosting strategy.

We will formulate a sensible hybrid infrastructure of cloud and on-premise apps to maximize productivity, ROI, and business efficiency.

A cloud engineer and cloud architect are designing how an application will be hosted using a hybrid environment using on premise servers as the primary source of deployment with failover redundancies that leverage cloud computing resources during traffic spikes. They are mapping architecture and brainstorming ideas on a glass panel with a contemporary open office layout seen in the background.

Benefits of Cloud Application Hosting

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Managed Application Hosting Solutions

Microsoft Azure

Applications managed in Azure enable businesses to deliver the very best solutions on the market. IT Support Guys will help you leverage Azure to uncover new revenue-boosting opportunities, build stronger customer relationships, and scale with highly secure integrations.

Microsoft 365

No app is used more across the globe than Microsoft 365 for email, productivity, and team collaboration. The truth is that most businesses are only scratching the surface of Microsoft 365’s full potential – which negatively impacts business efficiency.

Let our seasoned cloud team mitigate downtime and protect your data with a smooth Microsoft 365 migration. The experts at IT Support Guys have vast experience deploying, managing, and maximizing Microsoft Solutions with custom application hosting.

QuickBooks Desktop Cloud

You should be able to access and problem-solve on your QuickBooks account wherever you are, whenever you need to. That’s where our cloud services come into play. With unparalleled support, service consistency, and 24/7 access, you’ll have the flexibility you need to deliver results to your clients.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications are vital to running your organization, yet they can be time-consuming and costly to maintain, customize and personalize. Whether you use SAP ERP, Sage ERP, Oracle ERP, or Microsoft Dynamics, we provide the expertise you need to maximize your ERP investment.


Case Study

Insurance Law Firm

Learn how we helped one insurance law firm save over $14,680 in prevented downtime during the first year with proactive managed IT support.

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