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A virtual CIO reviews technology and security strategy presentation with colleagues inside the security operations center, server racks and multiple workstations with monitors can in front of several employees.


of CIOs surveyed said they expect cybersecurity threats to increase and impact their organization.


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The Importance of
IT Strategic Planning

Falling behind technology trends is easier than you think. Continuously playing catch-up to avoid the “outdated” label is expensive and time-consuming.

That’s where we step in.

Our IT strategy planning services help organizations architect, implement, and manage the technologies that give them a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced market.

From hybrid cloud cost optimization to major network design and implementations, our virtual CIO IT strategy and planning services ensure your team has the right tools to propel your business forward. We’ll help you plan for the long-term, not just tomorrow.

A middle-aged vCIO points to a whiteboard while discussing the various IT department goals broken down by each quarter and the expected business outcomes.

What Is a vCIO – And Why Do I Need One?

Most small to mid-sized businesses find it impossible to justify hiring a true CIO.

As a result, their IT fails to thrive due to a lack of expertise, resources and time. Confidently planning, budgeting, and managing IT requires the guidance of a trained, time-tested executive.

A Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) fulfills the role of a traditional CIO. When we act as your virtual CIO, we become responsible for building your technology roadmap that arms you with a competitive edge – at a much better cost than a full-time CIO.

Understanding Your
IT Goals for the Future

A strong IT roadmap doesn’t just plan for the coming months – it prepares for the coming years.

The top priority in all of our IT strategy and planning partnerships is outlining your long-term business objectives with a realistic approach to achieve them. Your IT infrastructure should grow with your business, and we will make sure one doesn’t outgrow the other.

The alignment of business strategy and IT is crucial in today’s tech-driven economy. Without a granular strategy, companies may invest too much on technology without solving the business challenges they face due to different departmental objectives, cultures, and incentives. That’s where a vCIO steps in to guide your organization’s business and IT alignment so that technology integrates across each business unit to meet core objectives.

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Benefits of Our Virtual CIO Services

An businessman and businesswoman brainstorm and strategize on a whiteboard to identify the true cost of information technology within their organization.

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Virtual CIO IT Services

IT Support Guys’ CIO virtual solutions offer a variety of select services, including (but not limited to):

IT Strategy Roadmap Development

A dedicated vCIO plays a critical role in crafting an organization’s IT strategy and technology roadmap. This IT roadmap serves as a guide for IT planning, processes, and initiatives designed to grow with your company. Our vCIO consultants develop a comprehensive IT roadmap that will align your information technology to support your short-term and long-term business goals, providing you with a powerful resource that helps your business units leverage technology to accelerate performance.

IT Budget Planning & ROI Review

Identifying which IT investments will provide the best ROI is not an easy task; there are OpEx solutions and CapEx investments, hardware lifecycles, and a plethora of variables that must be taken into account. Your vCIO must ensure that each investment enhances your technology stack to maximize the value provided by each component of your IT infrastructure, all while adhering to your planned budget requirements.

Business Continuity Planning

Without a complete data backup and disaster recovery plan, your mission-critical systems and irreplaceable data are at risk. At IT Support Guys, we’ve spent years building, testing, monitoring, and optimizing our business disaster recovery solution – Backups by IT. Your vCIO is responsible for creating and maintaining your business continuity documentation and strategy. When the unforeseen occurs, IT Support Guys works to restore operations in minutes, instead of days or weeks.

Hybrid-Cloud Strategy & Optimization

Contrary to sensational headlines – the modern SMB’s technology infrastructure should not be 100% cloud-based. It’s your vCIO’s responsibility to analyze your business goals, performance requirements, risk tolerances, and complete a thorough cost analysis to identify which services offer the greatest cost-savings hosted on-premise and those that need to be hosted in the cloud. We keep your costs in check, manage, and optimize your public or private cloud resources, and on-premise servers for the best ROI

Helping Businesses Rethink the Purpose of IT

Quarterly Business Reviews

Strategic planning for the future requires an abundance of research and analysis. Our virtual CIOs conduct extensive studies to determine the best annual technology plans, budgets, and how to best manage your IT lifecycle.

The more your vCIO can learn about your IT infrastructure through quarterly business reviews, the better business advice they can impart.

Vendor Selection and Management

Your vCIO will help you with vendor selection and management, freeing up your time to focus on revenue-generating activities. With over a decade in the SMB technology space, we’ll support and narrow down your options across devices and services including SaaS providers, cloud services, phone systems, Internet Service Providers, mobile phone carriers, hosting platforms, hardware such as servers and switches or printers, as well as, manage other third-party vendors of your existing services.


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