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A young Asian business owner is stressed and fears for the continuity of his business after a ransomware attack encrypts all his files.


percent of companies have experienced exploits and malware that evaded their antivirus solution.


of SMBs have experienced data breaches involving customer and employee information in the past 12 months.

An employee is seen installing software that is not approved by IT, a notification half-way through the install displays a warning on the screen that informs him that his laptop has been compromised.

Respond to Dynamic IT Threats

There is more cybercrime today than ever – and small and medium-sized businesses continue to become bigger targets as more cybercriminals realize SMBs don’t have the adequate security resources to effectively protect their data and systems.

Businesses need personalized IT security plans that can evolve to face new digital threats before they become reputational nightmares.

If IT security plans aren’t updated in a few years time, they are likely not properly equipped to handle the dynamic threats wreaking havoc across the business world.

IT Support Guys is ready and able to give you the security upgrades your business needs to survive – and flourish!

A male and female cybersecurity specialists located in their managed security services provider’s security operation center (SOC) are seen actively defending a network against a cyberattack.
A team of two cybersecurity specialists sitting in front of three monitors, discussing vulnerabilities and the best way to harden the security of a network after a penetration test.

Identify Your Weak Points and Improve Security Strategies

The first step in developing a cybersecurity roadmap is understanding where your business currently stands. 

IT Support Guys will conduct a thorough vulnerability assessment to identity the security gaps across your computers, network, systems, hardware, applications, and other parts of your IT environment to provide an objective analysis with actionable insights we’ll use to harden your defenses.

We don’t just find and eliminate vulnerabilities in your security posture. We develop comprehensive IT security plans and fluid cybersecurity strategy to protect your company. 

Our goal is to evaluate your business and lower the risk levels, as well as continuously monitor your security for the long-term.

Upgrade Your Cybersecurity Framework and Tools

A key aspect of IT security analysis planning and implementation is continuously looking for ways to improve your security measures and controls. You shouldn’t be planning to adapt when the need arises – be proactive about your security today!

Data breaches can result in millions of dollars in losses. Don’t skimp on your security only to be faced with a disaster next month or next year! It’s not a matter of if, but when your organization will be targeted and potentially compromised.

Our cybersecurity experts will provide you with strategic IT security plans that combat the problems of today – while simultaneously preparing for the threats of tomorrow.

A chief security officer located at the center of a SOC discusses project plans, including implementation and required remediation tactics, with his team of security professionals.
In the modern data center, a network security administrator is standing with server racks behind him, holding a laptop, and looking at the camera with resolute confidence in his ability to defend against a cyberattack.

Stay Compliant with
Legal Regulations

An appropriate cybersecurity plan isn’t just a fancy benefit.

To stay compliant with the latest data security regulations and consumer data privacy policies, leverage a team that understands the industry-specific compliance requirements and the security requirements you need to meet.

Our experts will conduct an exhaustive cybersecurity audit that looks for holes in your compliance – and remediate vulnerabilities before they can come compliance nightmares.

Work with our highly trained IT security team to keep up with the newest regulations, avoid hefty fines, and stay safe from data breaches and consumer risks.

Get Your IT Survival Guide

The IT landscape is rapidly evolving, but we’re here to help. Stay current with the best insights, resources and best practices to keep your business flowing with our IT Survival Guide.

Features of Managed IT Security Plans

24/7 Proactive Security Monitoring

With 24/7 security and proactive monitoring, we can identify and remedy IT issues before they affect end-users. Our intelligent AI-driven and human-backed network monitoring services keep tabs on every activity that takes place across your networks, company devices, and applications. Our managed security solutions protect your organization against malware, insider and external threats while ensuring your environment is running at optimal performance to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Vulnerability Management

Our vulnerability management scans take a complex inventory of your network and connected devices to reveal areas that pose a security risk. The vulnerability scan enables each party to prioritize security risks that need to be mitigated immediately. We empower stakeholders with actionable security insights to build a culture of awareness with a thorough understanding of the risk-levels across your organization.

Compliance Management

State, federal, and industry requirements are an obstacle for almost every organization and vary based on the type of data you collect, industry, and company size. Our compliance experts will examine regulations specific to your market to help you meet and sustain compliance. Our security programs eliminate the stress from meeting stringent compliance requirements and help you avoid costly data breach fines.

Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training is an education process that teaches staff about cybersecurity, IT best practices, and even regulatory compliance. A comprehensive security awareness program for employees should train them on a range of information technology best practices, security, and other business-related subjects. These might include how to avoid phishing and other kinds of social engineering cyberattacks, spot potential malware, report security threats, follow business IT policies, and follow regulatory guidelines (GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and so on).

Cybersecurity Services for Small Businesses

Security Vulnerability Assessments

A vulnerability assessment is a process by which an organization identifies, categorizing and prioritizes vulnerabilities across computer systems, software, and network infrastructure. Vulnerability assessments required by most compliance requirements and provide the business with an objective evaluation with the containing critical knowledge, awareness and risk analysis to understand the internal or external threats to be remediated.

Managed Email Security & Spam Filtering

91% of cyberattacks start with a phishing attack, even more concerning is that 62% of phishing simulations manage to capture at least one user’s credentials. For most small businesses, your inbox is the gateway to your business. Without adequate email security measures and strong spam filter policies in place, you might be leaving the door wide open for cyber threats like phishing attempts, ransomware and malware that could cripple your business or tarnish your reputation. IT Support Guys doesn’t just eliminate vulnerabilities; we prevent malicious items before they enter your inbox.


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