HITECH and HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare

Store and Protect Patient Data.

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the number of patient records breached in 2019 versus 2018’s 8,576,561 records compromised.


2019 was a record-breaking year for healthcare data breaches with a 361.77% increase over 2018.

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Simplify Personal
Data Protection

The evolving landscape of cybercrime has made HITECH and HIPAA compliance non-negotiable for today’s health organizations. Any holes or weaknesses in your security measures open the door for data breaches, ransomware, and malicious sharing of ePHI – not to mention damage to your brand reputation.

HITECH and HIPAA compliance regulations are standardized – but the journey of meeting HITECH & HIPAA compliance is unique to every health organization.

IT Support Guys will walk you through a step-by-step process to become compliant and better protect your patients’ data.

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Benefits of Partnering with a HIPAA Compliant
Managed IT Service Provider

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Features of Our HITECH & HIPAA
Compliance Services

HIPAA and HITECH Employee Training

HIPAA requires healthcare organizations to provide training for all employees, including new members. Why? Human errors are the top reason for security breaches and HIPAA violations. Eliminate the human error element with annual training for the whole team from IT Support Guys.

Risk Management Procedure

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) found that inadequate risk analysis and management programs played a key role in 90 percent of the HIPAA settlement actions caused by ePHI data breaches. We’ll identify your vulnerabilities and mitigate them before a compliance officer does.

HIPAA HITECH Security Policy Templates

Our info security templates enable your team to develop the right policies, procedures, and training programs required under HIPAA. Save time on compliance by partnering with IT Support Guys.

Streamline HIPAA Compliance with SIEM

SIEM technology enables the collection of security events across devices, with automated cross-correlation of activity. HIPAA designed use cases implemented within a SIEM tool allow ePHI threats to be displayed in dashboards, channels, or reports. Get the actionable insight and reports you need on-demand to prove compliance.

Satisfy HIPAA Privacy and
Security Rules with Ease

HIPAA Managed IT

The HIPAA era requires new standards which means your information technology systems need a comprehensive suite of services provided by IT professionals with a deeply tactical and technical background in medical security. Our HIPAA Managed IT plan gives your team sophisticated protection at a fixed monthly rate, your administration and accounting team will appreciate.

Network Security & Administration

Gain peace of mind by leveraging a robust firewall solution with logging and reporting to protect your internal systems and patient data from external threats. We implement administrative, physical and technical cybersecurity measures, to protect your PHI data, including end-to-end encryption to protect data at rest (data not in transfer) and in-transit.


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