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Delight Patrons with a Seamless Digital Experience

Modernize Your
Hotel’s Technology

Guests have more options than ever before when it comes to hospitality. There are thousands of hotels, restaurants, and tourism opportunities at their fingertips thanks to the internet. The more innovative your offerings are, the more you can impress those demanding guests and boost revenue.

Patrons require fast service and an internet-connected experience from the moment they walk in the door until they leave.

Times have changed. Guests expect interconnected customer experiences throughout all your locations, ease of access, and high-speed internet with fluid WiFi connections – from the dining room to the bedroom, pool, and beyond, customers need to be connected while they experience all that your hospitality has to offer.

Managed IT Services
That Delight Patrons

You need a technology partner who understands the hospitality industry, your infrastructure, unique needs and priorities. A hospitality IT support partner with the pedigree to deliver reliable and robust IT solutions so your staff can focus on what they do best – delighting customers with 5-star guest services, day-in and night-out. We have you covered with:

  • Guest and employee network segmentation
  • Backoffice 24/7 Support
  • Proactive Maintenance & Support
  • Leveraging hotel WiFi for a seamless experience
  • Innovative cloud solutions
  • VoIP phone solutions
  • Backup and recovery plans for business continuity

Improve Security and
Defend Against Threats

According to PwC’s Hotels Outlook report, 2018 – 2022, the hospitality industry has the second highest number of cybersecurity breaches after the retail sector. Your hotel, restaurant, or tourism business may serve as a prime target for cybercriminals who are looking to steal valuable consumer data.

In today’s highly connected, complex digital environment, your business must do everything within its power to protect patrons and critical information.

Due to the high number of endpoints and remote connections in most hospitality businesses, from WiFI systems and desktops to smart TVs, it’s relatively easy for cybercriminals to find an entry point.

Hospitality Cybersecurity Solutions

It just takes one weak link in your chain to become a victim of a data breach. Don’t leave your endpoints vulnerable – take steps to ensure thorough protection throughout your business. We provide: 

  • Modern infrastructures with hardened security measures
  • Cybersecurity awareness and training programs to educate employees
  • Cohesive top-to-bottom strategies to configure firewalls
  • Eradication of weak spots like point-of-sale terminals
  • Incident response plans in preparation for data breaches

We’ll ensure your business is PCI compliant, thoroughly protected, and prepared for any threats it may face.

The Hospitality Industry
Never Sleeps

Whether you’re managing one location or hundreds, IT Support Guys will help you implement leading hospitality industry solutions that work for you.

At IT Support Guys, we understand technology in the hospitality industry, as well as your infrastructure, unique needs, and priorities. We know what you need to succeed – whether you’re a small bed and breakfast or a huge enterprise with hundreds of locations.

Don’t just implement superior technology. Ensure that you have a 24/7 remote support and a highly responsive team standing behind you to keep everything running smoothly for your employees and guests.

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of hospitality organizations demonstrated full PCI compliance in 2019 (least compliant industry).


of guests would make a decision to rebook based on a hotel’s Wi-Fi service.

Managed IT Services for B&Bs, Inns, Hotels,
Resorts, and Restaurants

Hotel IT Solutions

As a hotel, you continuously strive to remain competitive and create loyal customers at every touchpoint to protect your revenue. We’ve worked some of the most prestigious resorts and hotels on the East and West Coast, our managed IT and WiFi services will keep your guests coming back.

Hotel Management IT Solutions

As a hotel management company, it’s your prerogative to craft the business strategy, development, operations and management of your hotel properties to maximize the value and ROI of their assets. Enhance your brand reputation by offering guests a seamless experience free of IT-glitches.

Restaurant IT Solutions

The restaurant industry is a cut-throat business. You may only have one chance to leave a great impression, or visitors may never return. Leverage the latest POS tech with gamification, loyalty programs, and a solid IT foundation to improve services, increase efficiency and delight customers.

IT Services for Breweries & Bars

Running a brewery or bar is incredibly demanding. A temporary outage can have patrons walking out your doors, or worse ruin a batch. Partner with IT experts that understand your unique needs and challenges to create loyal customers with highly secure and reliable IT infrastructure.

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IT Support Guys managed IT services customer testimonial by Popchips
Zachary T.

IT Support Guys provides timely, effective, and honest IT support. I’ve been working with them for over a year now and continue to be impressed. From supporting our computers to building a new domain controller, these guys are the best. Friendly, competent, and have very competitive pricing. Luy & Stephen really are the best!!!

Managed IT services confidential customer testimonial from an insurance law firm.
Kym T.

I cannot speak highly enough about the team at IT Support Guys, their support, attention to detail, and response times are amazing. When I pick up the phone and dial their help desk, a tech always picks up in a few seconds. Our last IT company was a nightmare to deal with, IT Support Guys has been a breath of fresh air since we started working together four years ago.


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