Managed Distributed
WiFi Services

Delight Guests and Empower Your Employees with Managed WiFi Solutions
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of guests are concerned with data privacy when connecting to public WiFi access points.


of guests ranked WiFi as the most vital amenity businesses can offer.

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What Are Managed
WiFi Services?

Fast, reliable WiFi isn’t a luxury anymore – it’s a necessity that requires the right equipment, exact positioning, and expert support to ensure your guests enjoy a seamless connected experience.

Over 85 percent of consumers would consider an alternative competitor if they experience a poor WiFi experience at an establishment.

IT Support Guys provides managed WiFi solutions for your employees – as well as any guests that visit.

We provide end-to-end solutions that enhance your business security and ensures everyone has the robust internet access they need.

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Fully Managed, Secure Wireless Networks

Managed wireless networks are the way of the future.

IT Support Guys remotely manages your WiFi service to provide a secure, scalable, and easy-to-use solution. 

Every aspect of your wireless experience – from setup and installation to monitoring and updates – is handled by one of our WiFi technicians liberating your team to focus on key priorities.

With us, days of spotty connections are a thing of the past!

Our goal is to provide fast, reliable, and secure WiFi networks – then offer constant support and updates to keep businesses running at full speed

Give Your Business
That Competitive Edge

Boost customer satisfaction and keep all of your guests happy with the best WiFi solutions on the market. Trust us – everyone will notice.

A strong wireless connection can be extremely cost-effective. Increase your profits with better productivity while minimizing the expenses of long equipment installations, frequent technician visits, and constant troubleshooting.

Speed is a key aspect of competing in today’s market.

That’s why we don’t just improve the reliability of your wireless connections – we’ll speed up your internet with the fastest, most efficient managed WiFi solution possible.

Give Your Business That Competitive Edge
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Easily Find a Complete
Office Solution

Is there one area of your office that always seems to have a poor connection?

Remove any troublesome dark spots with a complete office WiFi solution. From big offices to conference rooms and cubicles, we’ll equip your workspace with the managed WiFi system your employees need to be productive.

Give your employees the chance to be flexible in their work environment – not constrained with outdated technology. 

A versatile workspace fosters better productivity, happier employees, and a competitive edge – which translates to more revenue!

Benefits of Managed WiFi Services
from IT Support Guys

Millennials expect easy to use, free, wifi services from the hospitality industry. A young woman is seen submitting a 5 star review for business on her smartphone.

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